Friday, August 17, 2007

Future Sex/Love Obsessed
By PopCultureWhore

My ongoing, one-sided love affair with Justin Timberlake continued last night at Madison Square Garden.

I didn’t actually bring my camera so you'll have to make do with this grainy and not-at-all clear camera phone picture.

Anyway, JT was sexual and cocky and fabulous and my teenage crush persists. He opened with Future Sex/Love Sound and I almost passed out. He danced his ass off and as he was executing some Michael Jackson-esque pelvic thrusts and the like, I thought that if I were Britney I would just kill myself.

The only lull came during a strange intermission thing where Timbaland basically just played snippets of random songs - presumably while JT changed clothes/smoked weed.

JT also didn’t sing dick in a box or bring Madonna on stage to sing some of their new songs. I suppose I’ll forgive him for not getting Madge, but I demand some live dick in a box at some point in my life, damnit. Perhaps he didn’t want his first HBO special to include a section of him singing about wrapping his manhood in Christmas decorations. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, JT!

Check out Rolling Stone for more concert details.
PopoZao Redux?
By PopCultureWhore

So Heidi and Spencer of “The Hills” fame have been hard at work in the recording studio and the fruits of their labor debuted this week on Ryan Seacrest’s LA radio show. In a dance song that samples heavily from Yaz’s “Situation”, Heidi coos about “looking for a boss type” and Spencer … wait for it … raps. His efforst are predictably laughable and Seacrest later said he was working too hard on the Diddy impression (“Got my eyes on a sassy pearl, Heidi Montag, yeah that’s my girl”). I was listening to the song, however, and found, to my horror, that I found portions of it slightly catchy. But then I realized what it was – the underlying beats sound exactly like “SexyBack”.

Elements of JT aside, however, Heidi is apparently “upset” that the song foud its way to radio. Though Seacrest said the dynamic duo “got it to us first”, Pratt tells People that he and Heidi did the song “as a joke. Over my dead body would I rap on Heidi’s first song.”

Their protests remind of Kevin Federline and the “Popozao” affair. After his song got some play online – and was skewered by everyone under the sun – K-Fed said that the song was a joke and was never meant to hit the airwaves.

A K-Fed and Heidi musical collaboration? The stuff of dreams.