Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Belong to BoomKat
By PopCultureWhore

“Making the Band” is back on MTV but it unfortunately does not involve my favorite trannies, Danity Kane. This time Diddy is looking to recapture the magic of the boy band, but these guys are more kumbaiya than cat fight. Except for a brief battle over who ate someone’s food and a laughable living room sing-off with the “new guys”, this season’s crop of MTBers have been far too mature and focused for an MTV reality show. Bring back the ladies!

Even more tragic is the lack of BoomKat. Everyone’s favorite spastic choreographer shows up briefly to wipe away tears as various contestants bleat their way through “Down on Bended Knee”, but save for one hilarious scene in which BoomKat dons a barely there blue leotard, MTB4 is seriously lacking in some quality BoomKat psycho crazy fun time.

And seriously, is it 1992? I mean, I loved me some Boyz II Men back in the day. My friends and I made up a dance to “Motown Philly” in sixth grade, there was a tearful middle school slide show set to “End of the Road” and there’s a strong possibility I lip synched in the mirror to Mariah’s part on “One Sweet Day”, but this season’s wannabe boy banders (or producers) seem just a tad obsessed with all things Boyz II Men.

I’m not going to go into a breakdown of the contenders just yet given that Diddy keeps adding a dozen or so new “soldiers” every episode. But seriously boys, you have some tough, daisy duke clad shoes to fill. Make me believe it’s 1992 again.