Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fat Lady Cut to Black
By PopCultureWhore

Sopranos, Sopranos. Love it or hate it, the finale definitely accomplished the task of giving us what we least expected. I was initially miffed that David Chase gave us the sudden, “draw your own conclusions” ending, but it’s probably fitting. The series always defied expectation, so why should we have expected anything less from the finale? The “Sopranos” was a trend setting TV show and it ended in a never-before-seen fashion. Though I’m leaning towards the camp that thinks the blackout was actually Tony’s death, I’m ultimately glad Chase didn’t show it – or succumb to a maudlin, pan out family togetherness shot. That’s not how they do it in Jersey. HBO’s been busy pulling down all clips of the “Sopranos” finale from the web, so instead watch my favorite series finale moment -- “Six Feet Under”, which basically made me cry for two days. “Sex and the City” was a similarly sad goodbye, but it didn’t pack quite the same emotional punch. HBO may soon be pulling down these clips as well, so enjoy while you can!