Friday, June 01, 2007

First Tinky Winky, Now Shrek?
By PopCultureWhore

Did you realize that “Shrek the Third” is not simply a summer blockbuster about the adventures of a lovable ogre but actually a vehicle to promote the transgender lifestyle? Thank you Illinois Review (crossroads of the conservative community) for cluing me into this shocking revelation!

“Right in the midst of a warm ‘traditional family’ setting, the film writers place a man dressed as a woman in with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White (the good gals),” writes Fran Eaton. “The cross-dressing character simply doesn't make sense, except as a ploy to desensitize children and parents to transgenders.”

Seriously? Fran, from the looks of the banner running atop your sweet little organization’s Web site, it appears that you might be bored amidst the corn and two-lane roads and looking to stir up a little controversy. But in a movie that features talking green ogres and a wisecracking donkey, is the presence of one of those ogres in a dress really what draws your suspicion? It’s a cartoon. With talking green monsters.

I assure you that any sort of underlying social commentary goes right over the heads of kids pissing themselves with glee over Donkey’s antics. But even if producers did intend for this character (voiced by Larry King btw) to be transgender, who cares?

I mean, Justin Timberlake is in this movie, Fran. Just enjoy that fact alone. Sounds like you might need a little Future Love/Sex Sounds in your life.