Monday, May 07, 2007

Night of 1,000 Fugs
By PopCultureWhore

The stars pulled crazy out of the closet for the Met Costume Institute Benefit Gala. Lohan (above) kicked things off with a number that, for her, screams classy. Jessica Simpson, meanwhile, is probably having trouble breathing.

Juliette Lewis once again forgot that it is not 1976

Parker Posey ... love her, but aren't indie artsy fartsy types supposed to be into conservation? I think a Laura Ashley loveseat had to die to make this frock.

Scarlett. I was liking it until I scrolled down. The hair is a tad servere, too. Cameron was there looking like MyScene Barbie. Was there a JT-related cat fight? Pretty please?

Kirsten, I know you're dating a rock star and you're all skinny ugly chic, but you're not Kate Moss. Give it up. Oh god, I just noticed her companion's cowboy boots. I'd say that Anna Winour probably had a cow over these outfits, but she looked like an extra from Star Trek herself.

Finally ...
By PopCultureWhore

“The Sopranos” picked up some steam last night. Tony gave the feds some dirt. Christopher succumbed to peer pressure, got drunk and shot the guy from “Wings” in the head. AJ fell into a depression over his breakup and started a nice descent into a life of crime with the help of some sulfuric acid and a few boneheaded former classmates. And Pauly showed us what a Cadillac can really do on a $40,000 lawn. Four more episodes left … do you think “Wings” guy’s apartment was bugged? Who is Meadow’s mystery guy? Do Pauly’s sideburns give you nightmares too?