Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's the Whore Flu!
By PopCultureWhore

The long-awaited debut of the Pussycat Dolls reality show, The Search for the New Doll, finally rocked my world tonight. The public couldn’t suffice with a half dozen, possibly post-op Dolls and is looking to add one more to the litter. Rumor has it that “lead singer” Nicole wants to break out in a solo way, so we might have the whore version of Menudo on our hands, but all the better to fill these blog pages, my pretties.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any of the inevitably painful auditions from the delusional, tone deaf or rhythm-challenged and are introduced to 19 hopefuls at the outset, 9 of whom are sent packing with push-up bras and hormones pills in tow by the end of the first episode.

While the episode is sparse on audition footage, it is chock full of barf and booty shaking. One of the contestants brought her A-game and some airborne STDs, promptly infecting half of her competition. Half a dozen girls alone came down with flu-like symptoms after seeing the PCD in concert. While I’d like to think they were all sickened by the thought of what their future might hold as traveling advertisements for stripper gear and low self-esteem (aspiring trannies notwithstanding), it was simply just a bug.

But the show must go on and PCD creator (and apparent botox/collagen fan) Robin Antin (sister of Sir Cries a Lot Hair STYLIST Jonathan Antin) instructs the girls to grind through the waves of nausea. Nine lovely ladies survive the firing squad and are given access to their PCD house, but I wasn’t really paying attention at that point except to notice that STD girl got the boot. *Crocodile tears*

Reality whore watch: One of the Melissa’s was almost a member of Danity Kane. Yeah, big whoop. When’s “Blow Out” coming back?
Is There Hair Gel In the Slammer?
By PopCultureWhore

It has been a trashtastic day for the kids from “The Hills”.

First up is Jason Wahler, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend and the original Spencer. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail today because of a September fight he and his now ex-girlfriend Kristen DeLuca got into with a tow truck driver trying to tow an illegally parked car.

Jason also has to attend 104 AA meetings (with Lohan?) because his blood alcohol was .22 at the time and do 36 hours of anger management classes. He and DeLuca also get to participate in a one-day “Museum of Tolerance” program because of the slurs they hurled during the incident.

This sentencing doesn’t even address Jason’s most recent run-in with the law. He was arrested this past weekend after cops said he “resisted a public officer” during a raid on an underage drinking party in North Carolina.

Not exactly Area in West Hollywood, huh Jason?

Still prowling the LA clubs is Heidi, who gave an interview to the LA Times this morning. She reveals that cameras are on the cast four days a week and that she doesn’t regret anything she does. She channels Katie Holmes to wax poetic about Spencer and gives me my 2007 mantra: “Everyone’s a player until they find someone who’s worth not playing for.”