Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Super Interns and Pratt Falls
By PopCultureWhore

Lauren Conrad (LC) from “The Hills” graces the cover of “Cosmo Girl” this month. I’d ask if this was a conflict of interest seeing as how she works for “Teen Vogue” but given that LC and Whitney work in a closet and that LC has thus far been charged with sewing fabric on an umbrella and looking bewildered in a flower store, it doesn’t seem that “Vogue” is all that concerned with the editorial process. Editor Lisa Love recently suggested that LC’s next “project” should be working with a designer on a fashion show from start to finish. And then what? Write an article about it? I don’t see how that relates to the magazine world, but what do I know?

Speaking of menial tasks, this week’s installment of “The Hills” featured Super Intern Emily, the sleek and anal New York helper who was flown to LA to help prep for a “Teen Vogue” dinner in the Hollywood Hills. Emily takes 18 credits at NYU, works two days a week at the “TV” NYC offices and one day at Chanel. There was some collective eye rolling between my roommate and I after that came out of Emily’s mouth. All LC could muster was an open-mouthed stare as she navigated her Mercedes through LA traffic.

For all those who say that you can’t learn anything from “The Hills”, we all now know that “chinoiserie” is a type of design with a heavy Chinese influence. I also learned that phrase “dry socket” grosses me out.

I also learned that Spencer and Heidi are probably made for each other because they’re both idiots. After hanging with several Playboy playmates at Area and lustily discussing the possibility of a “naked picnic” with one those blonde companions, Spencer was aghast when Heidi refused to speak with him. “I didn’t hook up with any of them!” he bleated into his Sidekick.

Heidi requested a little “time off” from Spencer before complaining to co-worker Elodie that she was still in love with him and didn’t know what to do. I wonder what these co-workers actually think of Heidi. Elodie looked like she was amused by her suffering, giving Heidi a sly smirk as the diminutive reality star whined about her love life. And I can’t remember what the other co-worker’s name is, but did you check out the bags under her eyes? Cucumbers, girl!

With a totally misplaced use of Sia’s “Breathe Me” (which was also used during the last few minutes of the “Six Feet Under” finale), the show concluded with Heidi getting into Spencer’s car (after a strange, cat-walk like prance down the hall) and presumably forgiving him and his blinged-out chain for their indiscretions. Brilliant!

“He’s not even cute,” my roommate commented. Agreed. “Entertainment Weekly” likened him to Crush, the turtle from “Finding Nemo”, but I think there needs to be a more nefarious character to embody dear Spencer Pratt. Thoughts?