Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Dies
By PopCultureWhore

WTF? Anna Nicole Smith died this afternoon after being found unconscious in a Florida hotel room. Poor thing. She might not have been the brightest bulb in the lamp but she definitely had had her share of hardships in the past few months.


Baby Paris
By PopCultureWhore

One of my guilty pleasures is obviously “The Hills” on MTV, but I enjoy it mainly because its stars stay inside the little glowing box in my living room and only assault my senses for 30 minutes every Monday. Their leggings, fake tans, extensions, expensive luxury cars and popped collar, chain wearing boyfriends are thousands of miles away from the frigid temperatures and subway delays of NYC and that’s where I like them.

So you can imagine that I was slightly horrified (though not altogether shocked) to discover that the empty-headed Heidi is working on an album … of songs … that she will sing … reportedly produced by Grammy-award winner David Foster. What? She can barely talk; now she is singing? Apparently Heidi has forgiven boyfriend Spencer for the Playmate snafu from this week’s episode and has added “manager” to his title. Spencer knows Brody, Brody’s mom used to be married to David Foster and the rest is bargain bin music history. All Heidi needs to do is hook up with Scott Storch for a “hot track” and she can officially become a Los Angeles cliché.

Naturally, she revealed this information in an interview with “Stuff” magazine. She was a bit miffed that didn’t land the cover because she is not yet 21 (is Area an 18+ club?) but said that gives her something to work towards. Right.

I’m already imaging the classic lyrics she and Spencer might create.

Oh yeah, LA is hot
Oh yeah, Audrina is not

Yeah boy, I’ll get you into the club
Order a drink and meet me at the hot tub

My hair is so shiny, my stomach so flat
I am awesome; you better believe that

By PopCultureWhore

Since I saw Justin in his post-VMA concert at Roseland Ballroom last summer (and three other times throughout my youth), I was a nice sibling and bought my sister two tickets to JT’s DC concert last week for her birthday in lieu of my own attendance at his Madison Square Garden outing last night. But of course JT had to go ahead and sing “Dick in a Box” with Andy Samberg at the show in full Color Me Badd regalia. CLICK THE BOX ABOVE to watch it live and relive the magic below.