Monday, January 22, 2007

"Can We Take a Break?"
By PopCultureWhore

So I just killed about 15,000 brain cells and watched “High Maintenance 90210” on E! It was the episode that featured Allison Pearson, who made her reality TV debut six years ago on “True Life: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery”. Back then, a 19-year-old Allison and best friend Rachael (dubbed Sugar and Spice) got various plastic surgeries for all the world to see (Click HERE for a clip). Since then, she has apparently married a wealthy music producer named Andy, but still can’t manage to do much more each day than buy expensive clothing and drink wine. She is on the E! show now because her husband hired her a personal assistant to help her “organize her life”. Instead, she spends $1,000 on a sweatshirt for her new boy toy assistant, buys herself a $20,000 necklace and refuses to focus for more than five minutes on a closet reorganization effort before she pops open a bottle of bubbly. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can also get another glimpse into Allison’s life via her MySpace page (where she's only listed as "In a Relationship" and not "Married" btw).

Click HERE for a clip of Allison on HM90210.

Allison and Rachael (still BFF!) show off the doctor's good work ...

These two look like they could be Allison and Rachael's mothers but sadly, I believe they are just friends who have tanned and drank a bit too much ...

Uh, I think this might be her "husband" Andy? Ew ...

Hilary Redux
By PopCultureWhore

Chad Lowe’s new girlfriend, producer Kim Painter, is giving me a Hilary Swank vibe. It’s probably the bangs. I watched “The Black Dahlia” recently and had to turn it off because it was so awful. Josh Hartnett garbled his words and Hilary as a femme fatale was laughable. She should go back to Beverly Hills and romance Steve Sanders on 90210. That Ewok-looking child and Hilary’s early 90’s bangs had Steve wondering if he should unbutton the top button on his patterned silk shirts, trim the mullet and ditch the Corvette for a mini-van. Alas, it was not meant to be. Hilary had karate kids to vanquish and Steve had to develop a heroin addiction and throw Donna Martin off a cliff. Or something. Hilary's ex Chad, meanwhile, is prepping to help Jack Bauer save the world on '24'.