Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globes: The Good
By PopCultureWhore

Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl stole the show from her rail thin co-star Ellen Pompeo.

Dear Santa, please let me look this good at 61. Amen.

White washes Kate Winslet out a bit, but I love her so I don't really care.

As my roommate said, "He has great hair."

Forget George Clooney. Aaron Eckhart was much more the matinee idol this year.

Lance who?
Golden Globes: The Bad
By PopCultureWhore

Ring the alarm! The Cheetah Room's best gal is taking the stage in five minutes.

Cameron, I know having to be at an award's ceremony with your ex so soon after the breakup has to be rough, but no need to line your frock with tissues. And please don't tell me you're picking up where Christina Aguilera left off with the red lipstick.

What is that wrapped around Eva Longoria's chest? It could've been lovely without the jeweled leash. I expected one of the other housewives to be leading her around like the show pony she is.

Jennifer Garner is straight out of "The Ice Storm" with this 70s outfit. Make sure Ben doesn't pick J'Lo's keys out of the bowl by the front door or you'll be stuck with Skeletor!

A Victoria's Secret bra wrapped in brown saran wrap? Didn't those ghosts she chats with tell Jennifer Love Hewitt that this looked hideous?

Vanessa Williams REALLY wishes she could've played the Diana Ross character in "Dreamgirls".
Golden Globes: Undecided
By PopCultureWhore

Penelope Cruz in Chanel? Borderline Scarlett O'Hara at a funeral. The neckline is flattering but the layers make her look a little like a tiered cake.

Drew Barrymore in lavender. Beautiful color; tad shapless. Charlie's Angel does a toga party?

Well J. Lo, I don't hate it. But let's dump the Grecian wrap dresses and give Jessica Biel a run for her bootylicous behind in something a little more curve hugging.

Cute, but a little casual for the Golden Globes. Tina Fey doesn't really strike me as the ball gown type, but I know from watching "30 Rock" that she's recovered her figure post-baby so don't hide it under such a massive, billowing skirt!

Same goes for Reese in the tennis club afternoon tea getup.