Saturday, January 13, 2007

Don't Stare Directly at the Lohan
By PopCultureWhore

The celebs are doing their best at helping me unearth childhood memories this weekend. Lohan finally got her chance at hawking designer duds with the ad above for Miu Miu. Unfortunately she's reminding me more of the Raggedy Ann doll Apple from Jim Henson's "The Christmas Toy" than haute couture goodness. Perhaps Apple finally escaped the playroom, ditched the pinafore and made it big in fashion. Rugby is definitely her stylist.

I'm Forever Your Drunk
By PopCultureWhore

Paul Abdul appeared on a local Seattle news show this week to promote the newest season of “American Idol” in a state that most would refer to as “blitzed out her mind.” Her spokesperson blamed Paula’s incessant weaving and questionable speech patterns on “technical difficulties” with the TV station, but Paula didn’t seem to have any trouble hearing the questions …

The many faces of Paula include:

Crazy Aunt Hilda ...


Sleepy time!

Cletus from The Simpsons ...

And the most classic drunk face ever. How many times have I made this face in the mirror after five cranberry vodkas? About 47,325.

For your viewing pleasure, the train wreck in its entirety:

Got Blush?
by PopCultureWhore

Cameron Diaz partied the break up blues away at an "intimate dinner" also attended by Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Gina Gershon and Dustin Hoffman. I'm not sure how intimate it was given that there was a photographer from Getty Images in attendance, but I digress. Cam is looking very Miss Havisham-esque in the heavy makeup. Perhaps she also got a make-over from Phyllis on "The Office" or used Homer Simpson's makeup gun.