Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Are The People Drunk?
By PopCultureWhore

The people are in need of a critical eye. I DVR’d the People’s Choice Awards last night and fast forwarded through much of the mediocrity. This is the only awards show where Rascal Flatts, Robin Williams, Nickelback and the cast of “The Class” can be regarded as the best of the best.

The most notable part of the show was the appearance of two recently split celeb couples. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn won prizes for their work in “The Break-Up” and both were on hand to accept the award and thank each other in a rather formal and awkward manner. Jennifer looked classy and joked that she hoped we enjoyed “The Break-Up” because she certainly did.

Vince looked like he’d woken up in a gutter.

Cameron Diaz also took home a prize for “The Holiday” and babbled on about how she loved to work in movies while her rumored ex Justin Timberlake won for “SexyBack” in the music category. JT was unfortunately out on tour and accepted via satellite, dashing any hopes for an awkward run-in.

I was not given any reaction shots from Jen, Vince or Cameron during the telecast. Booooring.

The people also REALLY love themselves some pirates as Johnny, Keira and crew took home a number of PCAs for “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Johnny accepted the award via satellite from what looked like an old “From Hell” set. He’d probably really annoy me after awhile, but a long weekend would be totally doable – so to speak.

The red carpet was kind of like a teenage flashback. Remember when Katherine Heigl was in "My Father the Hero" in which she played a 15-year-old who pretended that her father (Gerard Depardieu) was her much older boyfriend in order to impress some floppy haired boy? Basically it was an episode of “To Catch a Predator” waiting to happen and I loved every minute of it.

Meanwhile, Ali Larter has showed up on NBC’s “Heroes”. You might remember her as the girl who covered herself in whipped cream in “Varsity Blues” (Dawson: I don’t want your life!)