Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot
By PopCultureWhore

“The Office” took baby steps toward “Pam and Jim Forever” tonight by having Jim freak out at the prospect of rebound GF Karen moving into an apartment just two blocks away. Pam took the high road and told Jim to snap out of it, prompting a thank you from Karen. But wait! Instead of Pam camera talking about how she was just helping out a friend and otherwise lying her ass off, we get her sobbing in the hallway over the whole thing. Yes! Emotion is good. Channel that toward Halpert when you go over to his apartment tonight with your boom box and your Peter Gabriel tape.

Dwight got tonight’s best line after he found Pam crying in the hallway. He offers her an awkward shoulder to cry on and for just a few seconds, you think he understands what Pam is upset about. But then … “So you’re PMS’ing pretty bad, huh?”

Michael also inadvertently e-mailed a racy Jamaica picture of him and Jan to the entire packaging department instead of his friend Packer. When Jan arrives at the Scranton branch later in the day, Michael prepares for the onslaught but is instead caught off guard when Jan tells him she’s attracted to him despite the fact that he’s all wrong for her and propositions him for afternoon nookie. Someone needs to check their e-mail … but Michael should definitely get some before Jan hires someone to kill him.
You Haunt My Dreams
By PopCultureWhore

So I had a week off at Christmas to lie around my parents’ house, during which I basically watched MTV, went to Target and ate leftover Christmas whore cakes. This “Chunky Pam” commercial was on rotation and I was simultaneously amused and horrified by it. Probably because I was eating a cupcake every time it came on. And wearing sweatpants. And socks with cartoon Santa Clauses. And painting my nails with Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish that I bought for 99 cents at K-mart.
Why So Glum Sugarplum?
By PopCultureWhore

I’m going to need some confirmation soon on whether the whole Justin-Cameron thing is over for reals. It’s been floating around the blogosphere that JT dumped his lady love of four years before the Christmas holiday, but he has thus far been mum and the rag of record (People) has no news. Master Timberlake was solo at the premiere of his new movie “Alpha Dog” last night and none of the correspondents apparently had the balls (in a box?) to ask whether he’d dumped Cam. I probably wouldn’t either, actually. I’d probably stare and ask what it was like to be so awesome and then always regret having been such a moron.

I’m a little conflicted about the whole breakup, however. I’ve never been a huge Cameron fan, but I just saw “The Holiday” and damnit if she didn’t charm me just ever so slightly. And seeing as how Britney is just a train wreck wrapped in nice little white trash burrito, her long awaited reunion with JT now seems like it would only bring more harm than good. Sniff.

UPDATE: JT dishes to The Toronto Star? If it's true, he and Cam are truly dunzo.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson is reportedly going to be featured in the video for “What Goes Around (Comes Around)”. Bring it. It’s probably my favorite song on the album. I just bought the Oakenfold remix of “My Love” off of iTunes because it reminds me of my Jersey roots, blasting cheesy house music in the Saturn.

That's ... Lukewarm?
By PopCultureWhore

Does Paris ever do anything wrong? She wasn’t driving drunk, she was just famished and en route to feed her grumbling tummy. She didn’t find Brandon Davis’ “firecrotch” routine tasteless. She was giggling at something entirely different. Now, according to her small man servant Eliot, Paris has not been dropped by her namesake nightclub. The club actually never even tried to contact her before making the move. Poor little lass. Paris was supposed to make two appearances every year at the Orlando-based club bearing her name. She showed up six hours late to the club’s opening and has been MIA ever since, prompting owner Fred Khalilian to fire her and name the club after the French city rather than the American tart. He’s apparently miffed because the club bought Paris a $450,000 Mercedes and she did not even say thanks. Um, $450K … for a car … for a girl who is already a millionaire … perhaps Fred should rethink his investments?

I mean, he's done so well with this classy decor ...

Am I Drunk?
By PopCultureWhore

Or does Britney Spears look she's leaving Uncle Jim Bob's trailer after a night of drinking 40's and smoking Virginia Slims? No, I'm stone cold sober. If I were drunk, she'd look like Jessia Alba's bikini pictures (bitch). Seriously Britters, I'm about to lose all hope. Must I reiterate that you have something like three bajillion dollars in the bank. Put down the Lip Smackers, the vodka tonic and Jessica Simpson extensions. Or this is your future:

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