Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Jailed, World Peace Attained
By PopCultureWhore

It can be a little tough to get out of bed on Monday mornings, but the extra skip in my step today can be attributed to the fact that Paris Hilton is now behind bars. Stripped of her Sidekick, lap dogs, hair extensions, luxury vehicles, head bands and bevy of coked-up Hollywood hangers-on, Paris made an MTV Movie Awards appearance last night and then checked herself into jail.

Her last few hours were anything but champagne toasts of good luck from the A-List. Movie Awards host Sarah Silverman joked that Paris’ cell bars should be made out of penises but worried that she might chip her teeth. Calls for an extended stay behind bars during the show were also met with cheers. Paris is receiving slight special treatment by not being placed with the jail’s general population, but it hardly sounds like a stay at Promises.

I hope her cellmate becomes like Kelly Taylor’s psycho rehab roommate on 90210.

Meanwhile, the record label which has since dropped Paris from its roster was sued for allegedly copying UB40's "Kingston Town" for Paris’ first single “Star are Blind”.

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