Monday, March 19, 2007

True Love Wins Again
By PopCultureWhore

The world may never witness another Camelot, but tonight we’ve come a little closer. Shanna Moakler has reunited with drummer husband Travis Barker. “I’m madly in love with my husband,” she tells People magazine. Barker was too busy texting Paris Hilton to comment for the story. I kid. Paris is probably too busy ordering her minion publicist to do damage control on the photo that emerged this morning of the heiress in a possibly compromising position with a well-known rapper. But I digress. Travis and Shanna split last year after he accused her of being a lazy cheat. He then made out with Hilton at a club, a MySpace blog battle ensued, Shanna allegedly assaulted Hilton at another Hollywood club, lost out on “Dancing with the Stars” and likely figured that Barker was probably the best thing she had going for herself. Seriously, honey, we saw you act on “Meet the Barkers”. Stick to lingerie and bitch sessions.


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