Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"They're Just Clothes"
By PopCultureWhore

If I had the power to green light beat downs, Heidi Montag would move to the number one slot after this week's episode of "The Hills". Last week, young Heidi pushed Lauren's friend Jennifer to hook up with Lauren's love interest Brody and then denied having any involvement when confronted by Lauren. This week, the roommates tried to keep their fizzling friendship alive by scheduling a girl's night the Monday after Heidi returned from a weekend in Santa Barbara with Spencer, but Heidi inexplicably cancelled the outing (via a note on the coffee table) in favor of a movie with Captain Douche.

In hindsight, I'd probably thank Heidi for saving me from Brody (Douche Part Deux) if I was Lauren, but then I'd smack her again. So small and empty, yet so conniving.

On the Vogue front, Lauren and Whitney are charged with assisting a photo shoot starring young beauties, including Whitney's sister Jade. Styling the shoot is a woman who apparently lived "The Devil Wears Prada" as a Vogue assistant ("I mean, she actually worked for Anna Wintour," a saucer-eyed Whitney tells Lauren.) She's thin, spells her name in a pretentious manner (Lawren), requests that Whitney have open pins at a moment's notice and shoots down Whitney's request for an early dismissal to attend a family dinner ("Well, I'm going to need you to stay.") Basically, she's Super Intern Emily in about 15 years.

Whitney is none too enthused, channeling Eminem with a hooded sweatshirt and looking bored as Jade is anointed with lip gloss and faerie-esque head gear. Whitney tells Lauren that she worked at "W" magazine for three summers and at Teen Vogue for two years now, so she's ready to "not be someone's intern." She even commits what is likely a cardinal Vogue sin by uttering, "they're just clothes."
I hear you, sister. But Whitney needs to develop a bitchier persona and stop pronouncing her words like a toddler before the World of Vogue will accept her as its latest calorie-free minion.

Finally, who thought that bobble-headed Audrina would emerge as the show's most level headed character? She's a chirpy Orange County mother in training, setting up play dates for her new BFF Lauren and doling out disparaging looks whenever Spencer's name is brought up in conversation.

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Elaine said...

you know...Heidi is possibly the most nauseating reality tv person ever....barring Zara from the Bad Girls Club...so I have no problem with her dating Captian Douche...she deserves it.

Imagine the conversations these 2 MENSA members must have.

I try not to get wrapped up in these people...considering I hate most of them...but I honestly felt sorry for Lauren on this weeks episode...the way Heidi left a note blowing her off? geez...that's harsh.