Monday, March 19, 2007

Sisterly Love: Amelle BerraDUH
By PopCultureWhore

I have no idea who the Sugarbabes are, but I’m sure they’re a UK pop trash confection I’d love if I were living the lifestyle of an alcoholic socialite in London. Anyway, I mention them because it appears that one of the group’s members, Amelle Berrabah, has returned to a boyfriend who was accused of raping her sister. Wow. How low does your self-esteem have to be to date your sister’s alleged rapist? And check out this picture. He looks like a low-rent Michael Buble, and Buble already falls into my “looking rough” category. I mean, Amelle also looks like Eva Longoria’s collagen-challenged third cousin, so perhaps it’s a match made in heaven, but he was accused of raping your sister, you whore! You’d be better off waiting until Jordan’s half-wit, five-year-old, blind and obese son Harvey comes of age!



Dave said...

Wow that must be some Dr. Strange love stuff going on. It's really really interesting and weird.

Gilbert said...

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