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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

JT And My Weird Dreams
By PopCultureWhore

Last night I had a dream that Justin Timberlake and I sang “Cry Me A River” at an outdoor concert complete with fake rain. Later, Joey Fatone, decked out in that 70s-inpsired number he sported on “Dancing with the Stars” this week, showed up with a BlackBerry full of unflattering Britney pictures. Take that for what it’s worth, but I don’t think I’ll be having my onstage moment with JT any time soon because he tells Details magazine that he regrets doing that “My Grammy Moment” where he sang with an American Idol reject. “I’m the nice guy who follows through on things he commits to,” he says. Note to self: get JT tanked and make him commit to being chained to my bed frame. I mean, the cover does say he just wants to be alone. He can totally chill with my DVR and some Slim Jims while I’m at work. He can’t wear that sweater, though. The stripe down the middle makes it look like he yacked on himself.



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