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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Future of Meth
By PopCultureWhore

Stephanie Tanner has passed on her meth torch and Aaron Carter appears to be the grateful recipient. He and his butterface girlfriend dropped by some LA fashion event on their way to CVS for 15 packs of Sudafed and some Nyquil.

Meanwhile, remember this train wreck? It's Ally Hilfiger, daughter of designer Tommy. She and her former BFF Jamie starred on MTV's "Rich Girls", which likely kicked off the network's obsession with pampered teens a la "Laguna Beach" and "My Super Sweet 16". I vaguely remember Ally, Jamie and some other chick trying hard to remember who had invented electricity while lounging at Ally's family home in Mustique. Later, Ally freaked out about the food options in the home and called her father weeping, demanding to know why he had not been more strict with her. Maybe because he doesn't care about you, sweetie! He certainly didn't care enough about you to tell you that the red lipstick makes your chompers look like they could eat a baby rhino!

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