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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Footballers' Has Beens?
By PopCultureWhore

The American version of "Footballers Wives" is just getting trashier and trashier, which is probably appropriate, I suppose. First it was revealed that Lucy Lawless of Xena fame will play the terrifically maniacal Tanya Turner (originally played by Zoe Lucker, above) and now we hear that Dawson Leary himself will play a rookie soccer player in the series. I really didn't want to stare at Lucy's massive thighs and I definitely don't want to stare at Dawson's square Gumby head. All we need is Traci Bingham as Chardonnay, Jodie Sweetin as the blonde wife who sleeps with the Italian and a Joan Collins cameo and it's a D-List adventure best served in a red plastic cup. Watch this trash become the next "Desperate Housewives" though.


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