Monday, January 08, 2007

These Are My New Thighs!
By PopCultureWhore

Did anyone sit through the new E! show “High Maintenance 90210”? It’s pretty boring, save for the music producer with a massive chair reminiscent of the one used by Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann character. I mention it, however, because the coming attractions included a quick shot of a girl who purred “I’m your employer” before clinking glasses with some small LA wannabe. Sadly, I knew I’d heard her Valley Girl trill before and it finally hit me who she is. Remember the MTV True Life “I’m Getting Plastic Surgery” that featured Luke and his calf implants? The show also had 19-year-old Allison and Rachael, dubbed Sugar and Spice, who “pigged out” at Spago before their liposuction procedures and then failed in their bids to be featured in the pages of Playboy. I’m pretty sure the girl on HM90210 is blonde Allison. I’m curious as to what she does to be considered someone’s boss ...Click HERE and scroll down to “I’m Getting Plastic Surgery” to see a clip of these two mental giants in action. Someone needs to make my life easier and upload the True Life and HM90210 clips to YouTube.

And Click HERE for an amusing blog entry about other “True Life” episodes.


KristenandK2 said...

I recognized her too and I was so sure she was the girl in question that I googled it and found the show posted on the plastic surgeon's website! I wonder what happened to Spice...

Adrian said...

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