Thursday, January 04, 2007

That's ... Lukewarm?
By PopCultureWhore

Does Paris ever do anything wrong? She wasn’t driving drunk, she was just famished and en route to feed her grumbling tummy. She didn’t find Brandon Davis’ “firecrotch” routine tasteless. She was giggling at something entirely different. Now, according to her small man servant Eliot, Paris has not been dropped by her namesake nightclub. The club actually never even tried to contact her before making the move. Poor little lass. Paris was supposed to make two appearances every year at the Orlando-based club bearing her name. She showed up six hours late to the club’s opening and has been MIA ever since, prompting owner Fred Khalilian to fire her and name the club after the French city rather than the American tart. He’s apparently miffed because the club bought Paris a $450,000 Mercedes and she did not even say thanks. Um, $450K … for a car … for a girl who is already a millionaire … perhaps Fred should rethink his investments?

I mean, he's done so well with this classy decor ...


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