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Monday, January 08, 2007

Idea People
By PopCultureWhore

I work in SoHo and I frequently find myself trying not to be violent when I get stuck behind packs of the fashion elite just strolling aimlessly with Dean & Deluca cups, Prada shopping bags and BlackBerries in hand. Now, thanks to THIS NYT article, I know that while I’m hustling to the post office to send out used books I sold on Amazon for extra cash, these lovelies are heading to Balthazar’s on Spring St. to join the late breakfast crowd, or “idea people” as they are known. These individuals have the good fortune of not having jobs that require a 9 a.m. arrival time so they can languish over Eggs Benedict (egg whites for the “Vogue” staffers, I imagine) between 9 – 11 a.m. at any of the city’s finest chi-chi bistros. Just make sure you leave before the riff raff lunch or dinner crowds arrive. “Once 11:30 a.m. hits, the energy shifts in the city,” according to a fashion publicist. Sweetie, that’s the sun making its way around the earth, which sadly, does not revolve around you. That’s all …


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