Sunday, January 28, 2007

High Maintenance, But Bi-Lingual!
By PopCultureWhore

Judging by the number of hits this blog has received in recent days from people searching for Allison Pearson from E!’s “High Maintenance 90210”, I am apparently not the only one who has an unhealthy relationship with MTV and E! reality TV shows. For those of you not up to speed, Allison and her BFF Rachael were featured on MTV True Life: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery about six years ago and Allison recently appeared on HM90210 as the vapid fiancée of a wealthy music producer.

Since the show’s airing, Allison has made her MySpace page private, so I’ll have to send a friend request so I can join the never ending party train that is her life. The fact that there’s also a best-selling author named Allison Pearson makes it hard to track this young ingénue’s comings and goings via Google. But here’s a random tidbit from the E! message boards:

"I met Alison at the gym this morning while we were waiting for our cars in valet...yes they have valet at gyms in BH. Anyhow, I recognized her from the show I saw with my wife who is a reality fan...and being I have the typical cynical NY attitude I was going to say something with a hint of criticism to her. Until that is she started speaking fluent spanish to the valet attendants who LOVED her! So I just decided to say hello and tell her my wife was a fan of the show, and she couldn't have been a sweeter person. We laughed about her "onscreen persona" and she called the show "really silly". I was also BLOWN AWAY when Jay-Z, who had been working out at the gym also, came over with his body guard to say hi. Apparently he knows her fiancee. To make a VERY LONG story short don't judge a person before you meet them like I did. I was very impressed with her otherwise I wouldn't be at work typing this long stupid story.”

Thrilling, I know. Spanish and Jay-Z. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

So I am dying to know who Allison's husband is...any ideas behind the mysterious Andy?

Mimi said...

Yes, I'm also dying to know what nasty Andy looks like?? I think Allison is hot eventhough she appeared very ditsy at the show. Also, did anyone know if Allison and the hot chef, Marcel, kissed on the show?? (when the power was off)

Anonymous said...

I watched Allison on "True Life" and now "High Maintenance" she is really beautiful. Where does this girl come from?

Anonymous said...

her fiance is a guy named Andy Gould. he is a manager of Rock bands. She probably knows Jay-Z because he used to manage Linkin Park, and they did an album with Jay-Z. Andy is a really nice guy.

Anonymous said...

i heard Andy is a short unattractive old grey haired british dude who wears thick glasses and can't drive, but has a very thick wallet. Love or money? and really who cares there's a ton of good lookin women in LA and ones who don't just live off their rich boyfriends but actually have some talent and earn their own money unlike this wannabe.