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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling Hot Hot Hot
By PopCultureWhore

“The Office” took baby steps toward “Pam and Jim Forever” tonight by having Jim freak out at the prospect of rebound GF Karen moving into an apartment just two blocks away. Pam took the high road and told Jim to snap out of it, prompting a thank you from Karen. But wait! Instead of Pam camera talking about how she was just helping out a friend and otherwise lying her ass off, we get her sobbing in the hallway over the whole thing. Yes! Emotion is good. Channel that toward Halpert when you go over to his apartment tonight with your boom box and your Peter Gabriel tape.

Dwight got tonight’s best line after he found Pam crying in the hallway. He offers her an awkward shoulder to cry on and for just a few seconds, you think he understands what Pam is upset about. But then … “So you’re PMS’ing pretty bad, huh?”

Michael also inadvertently e-mailed a racy Jamaica picture of him and Jan to the entire packaging department instead of his friend Packer. When Jan arrives at the Scranton branch later in the day, Michael prepares for the onslaught but is instead caught off guard when Jan tells him she’s attracted to him despite the fact that he’s all wrong for her and propositions him for afternoon nookie. Someone needs to check their e-mail … but Michael should definitely get some before Jan hires someone to kill him.


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