Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Celestia Calling Her Home
By PopCultureWhore

Ellen Degeneres should be glad she got out while she did. Her crazy pants ex-girlfriend Anne Heche has reportedly pulled a Tori Spelling and left her husband for a "Men in Trees" co-star. Heche's rep confirmed to ET that the star left husband Coley Laffoon in November but wouldn't comment about a possible on-set romance. Those of you schooled in 90's Hollywood couple drama will know that Heche at one point dated Steve Martin. She later left him for Ellen Degeneres, and Martin is rumored to have written the bitchy Hollywood wannabe character in his 1999 movie "Bowfinger" about Heche. Degeneres and Heche were together for several years until Heche broke it off and was later discovered wandered aimlessly in the California desert mumbling about a voice in her head named Celestia. Um yeah. She married Laffoon in 2001 and the two have a son together.


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