Sunday, December 17, 2006

His Ho No Mo
By PopCultureWhore

Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott from "The Office", explains the logic behind "Bro's Before Ho's".
“Everybody Likes the Wolf”
By PopCultureWhore

“Teen Wolf” is on TV right now. This is some classic cinema. Only in 1985 movie land would a diminutive high school basketball player who turned into a wolf mid-travel be immediately accepted as the coolest kid in school. Michael J. Fox took a break from time travel and voodoo economics to produce this little piece of 80s magic and it’s still superb 20 years later.

Like every good 80’s movie, there’s a big school dance scene complete with hideous outfits, “high school” attendees who appear to be in their mid-30s, choreographed dancing, a fight with the school bully and a stand-off with the menacing principal.

Scott’s best bud Stiles is the crazy rebel every 80s movie needs. He buys beer! He runs scams! He makes Scott skip out on work at the hardware store and do back flips on the top of his moving “Wolf Mobile”! Everything about Stiles says “HOT” – though he might want to go up a size in those green jeans he’s wearing at the end of the movie.

Speaking of the movie’s finale, the editing geniuses missed the fact that there’s an extra in black jeans and a red sweater who pulls out his (tiny) dick and flashes the crowd before zipping back up. Enjoy.

And here’s a little snippet of “Bloody Pom Poms,” the post “Teen Wolf” acting glory from “hot girl” Pamela, aka Lorie Griffin. Search “Cheerleader Camp” to watch the movie in its entirety. But be sure to drink a fifth of vodka and check your brain at the door before doing so.

I Know What I Want for Christmas
By PopCultureWhore

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg offered up a last-minute suggestion last night on SNL for those struggling to find the perfect holiday gift.

Here's JT performing "What Goes Around (Comes Around)." Click HERE for "My Love" with an intro by girlfriend Cameron Diaz.