Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Christ Child Emerges
By PopCultureWhore

It’s Shiloh. Remember her? She’s had her latest tune up and is ready for another public outing. She’s gorgeous. Shocking, right?

Mom Angelina will grace the cover of “Vogue” next month and gives a revealing interview about the start of her relationship with Brad Pitt. It basically sounds rehearsed to death and only concedes that the two becomes “very, very good friends” during the shooting of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. She says that Brad didn’t cheat on then-wife Jennifer Aniston with her – the two just “became a pair.” Well, they didn’t have to cheat on the sly. They got to make out in front of the camera! I can’t imagine there weren’t a few practice shots in Brad’s trailer.

Angelina also says she’d be open to a meeting with Aniston, but only if the actress requested one. Seriously? If I were Jen, I would get tanked and deck Angie if that meeting ever occurred. It would totally be worth the assault charge. I might be afraid of the retribution Maddox might impose, however. That’s how he rolls.

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