Monday, December 11, 2006

"It's a One Take Fucker!"
By PopCultureWhore

Richard Simmons was on Letterman a few weeks back in all his short-shorts glory and I was actually quite surprised he isn't yet sipping a magic Slim Fast in the sky. Though he bawls like a baby at the sight of a 400-lb. person, seems like Mr. Simmons is quite the diva. Do not stare directly into his eyes during the oddly disturbing outtake of him giggling in the pink leotard. You've been warned.
Does She Ever Brush Her Hair?
By PopCultureWhore

I'm sure that's not what most of you are focused on at this point, but seriously. She already admitted to spending thousands of dollars per day for a makeup artist. Would it kill you to also drop $5 at CVS for a brush? That's probably the real reason Kid dumped her. For more freaky NSFW, photoshopped to all hell nudie pics, click HERE.
Dorothy, Are You On Drugs?
By PopCultureWhore

Bea Arthur (Dorothy from the Golden Girls) singing about drugs with Rock Hudson in the 1970's. Enough said. Thank you for being a friend (who holds my stash).

Suddenly I Want a Purse!
By PopCultureWhore

Just not these particular purses. Scarlett Johansson is the new face of Louis Vuitton, which naturally drove Lohan to add an AA meeting to her schedule and write an incoherent e-mail about the state of Iran. But I digress. ScarJo looks great but is it just me or are these bags really ugly? That LOVE bag looks about as good as the Heidi Klum adorned bags they're giving away at Victoria's Secret and the black one below is reminicient of those tiny little patent leather backbacks from Claire's that were all the rage in 1992. Save your $400 for the next Apple gadget and get a fake one on Fifth Ave if you really must!

Brit Likes the Wonky Eyes
By PopCultureWhore

This guy is apparently Britney Spears' new flava of the week. He's music producer Jonathan Rotem and he's rivaling Paris for a serious case of wonky eye. X17 has some video of Brit sitting on this guy's lap and making out with him near a valet stand. Classy! But that's what we expect from our girl now isn't it?