Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Up Yours US Weekly! Luv Jen
By PopCultureWhore

Jen and Vince are done. Boo hoo. But People magazine got the exclusive, sticking a big FUCK YOU to US Weekly. Aniston’s team has waged a war of words with the tabloid ever since the magazine (erroneously) reported that the duo were engaged and later said (prematurely) that they were dunzo.

Guess who else is done? The OC's Rachel and Adam as well as Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice. Murphy even has a new gal pal and is questioning whether the bun in Scary's oven is actually his. Who cares? Not me.
Sucking 9 to 5
By PopCultureWhore

Jessica Simpson’s singing career just keeps getting better and better. She choked while singing “9 to 5” during a tribute to Dolly Parton at the Kennedy Center Monday even with the assistance of queue cards. Stop buying purses and practice your craft kid! Sadly, producers re-taped her tribute after the audience left, so TV audiences will only see the cleaned up version.