Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Suri Lives!
By PopCultureWhore

Tom and Katie took Suri out of her American Girl box long enough to make a pre-wedding appearance at a town hall in Italy. Maybe they have to sell her to the town in order to hold their wedding there. Let’s hope there’s also a barber on call for Tom’s shaggy locks.

I Have Seen the Future
By PopCultureWhore

The race is on for Reese and Jake to become the next Hollywood super couple. I made a post-divorce call for these two to hook it up on the set of “Rendition,” and here are some photos of the two palling around on the set. Unless Jake works extremely fast, I imagine the pregnant belly is for movie making purposes.

Sexiest Yawn Alive
By PopCultureWhore

For some reason I thought People magazine had stopped doing its Sexiest Man Alive thing. I can see Mary Hart on “Entertainment Tonight” getting excited about it (“That’s right, Mark, he sure is hot!”), but that’s about it. Nonetheless, this year’s honoree is George Clooney. Boo-ring! Granted, I’m not a huge GC fan and we are talking about People magazine, but could we not have gotten a little more inventive here? I’ll give them props for including John Krasinki (above) from “The Office” and Jake in their “Gallery O Hot” but if I never again have to hear George explain why he’s not getting married, doesn’t want kids and loves a good practical joke, it’ll be too soon.