Monday, November 13, 2006

Kylie Returns
By PopCultureWhore

Kylie Minogue returned to the stage this weekend in Australia after winning her battle with breast cancer. She appeared in concert in Sydney, where Bono joined her onstage for one of her songs. Is it just me or did the audience seem a little subdued? Are the Australians less boisterous at concerts?

RIP Curly Washburn
By PopCultureWhore

Jack Palance, aka Curly from City Slickers, passed away Friday at age 87 from natural causes. He famously did one-armed push ups (above) after winning a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1992 for his role in the Billy Crystal cowboy comedy.

Musician Gerald Levert also passed away this weekend. The 40-year-old died from a heart attack in his hometown of Cleveland. Some of you might have seen him on an episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" that featured his daughter Carlysia. Our thoughts go out to his family.

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I Just Missed Him!
By PopCultureWhore

K-Fed posed with a few "fans" in DC on Saturday before a performance in Virginia. I was in DC on Saturday - I should've stalked his ass. But really, without the hope of a Britney sighting, is it even worth it? He's like the failed rapper's version of a tree falling in the forest. At least he made a few bucks this time around. Though tickets for his Chicago House of Blues gig were being given away, concert goers in Norfolk had to shell out $15 to watch his Royal Federline spew his rhymes.

According to his tour rider, K-Fed isn't too demanding (how could he be?), basically requesting liquor, Doritos and a lock on his dressing room door. Hmm ...

He spoke to a giggly Teen People reporter about his life as a pimp (he's never danced with a pimp, however.) He told men to woo their women with food, said he was a "sucker for booty" and confessed to watching Nickelodeon cartoons with his kids. I can totally see K-Fed vegging out in front of Catdog. That is one weird cartoon.

The best part? When asked what super power he'd like to possess, he quickly responds "strength." When asked why, he says, "So I could fly." Um, then wouldn't you request the power to fly?

No Love For Solo Kat
By PopCultureWhore

Awards season is fast approaching and studios are in a hurry to pull together screeners (DVDs for special voting people) of potential nominees. One of the movies being pushed is "Thank You For Smoking," a satire about the tobacco industry which co-starred Katie Holmes as a journalist who slept with her source (Aaron Eckhart) for the story. A screener for the movie, however, suggests that voters give props to just about everyone in the film except Katie. Oops. I guess she's a little busy preparing to give her life to L. Ron Hubbard to really care, though. Besides, her role in "Smoking" was basically Joey Potter - if Joey had been a bit more damaged by her father being sent to jail. Maybe Katie can have fellow scientologist Jenna Elfman kidnap a studio head and cover his body in nicotine patches as revenge.