Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rush to Judgment
By PopCultureWhore

Rush Limbaugh needs to get back on the painkillers so he’s too sedated to spout his ill-informed crap. He accused Parkinson’s sufferer Michael J. Fox of deliberately exaggerating his movements in a Democratic political spot (above) in an effort to get funding for stem-cell research, which Fox believes might aid in finding the cure for his disease.

Conservatives are generally against the practice because stem cells can be obtained from destroyed embryos and that gets into everyone’s favorite topic – abortion. Now, I don’t really care what you feel about the issue, but it’s not necessary to call Alex P. Keaton’s honor into question. He’s not trying to get a free trip to the Bahamas; he’s trying to help find a cure for a debilitating disease. CNN vixen Daryn Kagan needs to kick her boyfriend in the head with her stilettos.

Republicans, meanwhile, are jumping on the bandwagon with celebrity spots of their own. Jim Caviezel (aka Jesus) and Patricia Heaton (mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond") appear in ads against medical research legislation in Missouri. Jesus opens the ad with what sounds like “The boar is noshing in the shack” but it is actually him speaking in Aramaic? WTF?

Patricia then goes on to say that “Amendment 2 actually makes it a constitutional right for fertility clinics to pay women for eggs. Low-income women will be seduced by big checks and extracting donor eggs is an extremely complicated, dangerous and painful procedure.”

You know what else is complicated, dangerous and painful? Plastic surgery. And anyone whose been forced to read “Ladies Home Journal” while waiting for hours in a doctor’s office in the past 10 years knows that Patricia is no stranger to that cultural phenomenon.