Monday, October 23, 2006

Is the Blond Guy Cross-Eyed?
By PopCultureWhore

I'm just kidding. I know you're not looking at that. But seriously, has Jenna Jameson had a full body lift since she split from her husband? She's pulled tighter than a dinner special at Boston Market. Bigger pic HERE. Dear Dennis Rodman ... really? That guy on the left, meanwhile, can battle open shirt Sidekick guy below for king of "that guy."

Your World In Pictures
By PopCultureWhore

Why is "In Bed with Paris Hilton" the only thing in English on this cover? So she can understand it? I think she's wearing the weird poofy skirt Katie Holmes was spotted in during her Paris jaunt with Fembot Spice. Cutoff wife beater and nipples coming to an H&M near you.

Moments later, Maddox's spirit will be crushed once again when Mommy reveals that he can NOT trade Zahara and Shiloh in for a pony.

Those boots are very Jedi-esque.

Have mercy!

Definitely go with Clifford, dude. It makes you look like much more of a stud.

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Justin and Some Meat
By PopCultureWhore

Get your minds out of the gutter. JT let his precious face be slapped with some raw meat for the sake of comedy. Or something. It’s actually a skit from a British show called Bo Selecta where the host created a board game that pits himself against Justin. Loser gets slapped with their daily dose of protein.

If perchance you do not want to get your mind out of the gutter, click HERE. You're welcome.