Friday, October 20, 2006

All Hail Shiloh
By PopCultureWhore

With all the attention paid to the new Madge baby, our Lord and Savior Shiloh must be feeling a bit ignored. Mother Angie fixed that today by plucking the Christ child from the Cabbage Patch for a public outing. She and sibs Maddox and Z might be giving Jenna and Barbara Bush a run for their money in our nation's capital. Brad tells a French magazine that he and the family are looking to leave LA and are thinking about re-locating to DC. I left that city too soon! They can probably get themselves a nice Georgetown mansion or maybe contribute to the vast wealth in Montgomery County, Md. Speaking of Jenna Bush, she'll be heading south of the border to work for UNICEF. For teaching, not tequila.

In other baby news, Melissa Etheridge and wife Tammy welcomed twins on Tuesday. Tammy gave birth to a son Miller Steven and a daughter, Johnnie Rose. Melissa has two children from a previous relatonship, famously fathered by David Crosby.
By PopCultureWhore

Country singer Keith Urban, recently married to Nicole Kidman, has checked into rehab. "I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me," Urban says in the statement. "One can never let one's guard down on recovery and I'm afraid that I have. I guess he had a coke habit years ago. Did he get into the powdery stuff again? Maybe Nicole's botox? Poor thing. Girl can't catch a break with the mens.