Thursday, October 19, 2006

Should've Done Elimidate
By PopCultureWhore

Before he was a rap star, The Game got the smack down on dating show “Change of Heart.” Contestants have the choice to date another person and then decide if they will stay with their significant other or have a change of heart. The Game decided to stay with his shrill girlfriend at the time, but she had a change of heart! This was hosted by radio DJ Chris Jagger. Do you remember him on Z100 in New York with Dr. Judy for “Love Phones” in the early 90’s? It was like Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla’s show where people could call in and ask whatever question they might have about sex. I remember some guy called in and said he had sex with a goldfish. Good stuff.

Sun is a Liar
By Lakshmi Kalimireddi

Season 3, Episode 2

In the opening scene, a very young Sun breaks a glass ballerina and blames the maid, who in turn is fired by her father. So begin the lies.

Fast forward to 2004, when Sun’s father catches her cheating on her husband with her English teacher! Without an explanation, Sun’s dad order Jin to kill Sun’s lover.

Sun knows her teacher is toast. Jin goes to kick some ass, but wusses out and instead tells him to peace out of the country. Is it me or did Jin just get hotter? But wait, just as Jin's leaving the scene, plop goes the body of the mister mistress, right on Jin's car. Suicide of shame.

Back on the island, Sun, Sayid and Jin sail over to the dock where The Others brought the kidnapped three. Sun lies to Jin about the fact that Sayid is trying to lure the others into a trap with a mini-bonfire. Unfortunately, it turns out Jin DOES know some English.

The men get the guns and tell Sun to hide in the boat like a little girl. But because The Others want the boat, they bypass the guys and land portside. Sun, finding a gun, shoots a female Other. As The Others take the wheel, Sun falls off the boat and Jin brings her to shore.

Sawyer and Kate are pulled out of the cages and put to work chopping rocks. While Kate's at work, Alex reappears behind the bushes to ask her about the boy in the cage Sawyer met. We also learn Kate's dress is actually Alex's.

So what's going on here? Was the boy Alex's beau? Why was he in a cage? Why'd they give Kate the dress? Why'd they give her Alex's dress? Does it have to do with why the boy was in the cage?

After being told repeatedly that Sawyer was not allowed to speak to Kate, he decides to pucker up and plant a big one on her. Having the hots for Kate wasn't his only motive. Turns out he wanted to get his butt whooped so he could get a feel for which of The Others was strong, weak, fast, slow, etc. As he's explaining his escape plan, guess who's sitting in front of a security monitor with a bucket of popcorn and twirling his evil mustache? Yes, Ben, minus the popcorn and mustache. I have to mention, before Sawyer was stunned silly, he was very action hero hot.

Finally, to assure Jack that The Others do in fact know how to get off the island and they do have control, Ben tells Jack what happened since Flight 815 crashed. Of course the most unbelievable event would be the Red Sox's pennant win. I would have laughed too, Jack.
How's Sutton Pierce, Dad?
By PopCultureWhore

K-Fed was snapped partying with some friends and a few "ladies" in California recently, with Britney nowhere in sight. Is she too busy hitting the gym to buy his Miller High Lifes and Marlboros? I'll bet these whores would gladly buy K-Fed a Taco Bell value meal to hear a snippet of his sweet, sweet music.

By PopCultureWhore

NBC announced today that it will cut the cross sequence from an upcoming televised Madonna concert. Religious groups were up in arms when Madge performed "Live to Tell" suspended from a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns during her "Confessions" tour. NBC is going to air one of Madonna's London performances on Nov. 22 and previously said they would keep the cross scene intact, but now say it will be removed. Madge originally said she wouldn't agree to the televised show unless the scene was included, but a spokesperson said today that she agreed to have it removed. She's probably a little pre-occupied with baby David.

Commence Downward Spiral
By PopCultureWhore

"Sixth Sense" star Haley Joel Osment pleaded no contest to drunk driving and pot possession and was sentenced to 60 hours of alcohol and drug rehab and three years probation. The 18-year-old wrecked his 1995 Saturn around 1 a.m. in July when he hit a mailbox and flipped over. Only 15 more years until he and Leif Garrett are having a post-rehab pow wow on Vh1!

Oh Snap!
By PopCultureWhore

It took a few years, but it looks like LC is getting her revenge on Kristin Cavallari. Brody Jenner, Kristin's ex-boyfriend, confirms to People that he and "The Hills" star are "seeing each other." If you'll recall, LC and Kristin tangled over Stephen in the first season of "Laguna Beach" with Kristin emerging victorious (for a time). Kristin recently split with Brody, who then briefly dated Nicole Ritchie. "I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other, we're having a great time with it," Brody says about LC. I guess we can wait on the wedding pattern. I wonder if Mr. Jenner will make an appearance on next season's The Hills?