Monday, October 16, 2006

Real World, Mr. Torrance?
by PopCultureWhore

Click HERE for a trailer of the upcoming Real World: Denver. I don't know if MTV put the accompanying music on top of the footage or if this is a YouTube concoction, but it makes it look like The Real World: The Shining, which I guess could be appropriate since that movie took place in Colorado. At any rate, the show appears to have devolved into complete drivel since its San Francisco glory days. I think they need RW: Anchorage, taped in January to show these little brats a thing or two about reality.

UPDATE: Click HERE for more on the RW:Denver cast.
Thank the Good Lord
by PopCultureWhore

Britney Spears was spotted post SPF2 and it looks like she's dumped the frappacinos and mid-day Taco Bell runs for some time on the treadmill. Word on the street is that she is looking to make a big splash at K-Fed's album release party later this month. Whose the low-rent Manny with the yellow bag?

She Looks Like Aubrey
by PopCultureWhore

Christina dumped the 40's inspired look for a return to stank in the video for her new duet with Diddy. But girlfriend looks just like Aubrey from Danity Kane. PCW has received several hits from people searching "Aubrey Diddy affair" on Google so I'm thinking there are a few other people who thought there might have been something going on between these two before he knocked up Kim Porter with twins? The new song with Christina (Tell Me) is workable, but only her part. I could do without Diddy's rapping.