Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Your World In Pictures
By PopCultureWhore

Lenny Kravitz's daughter with Lisa Bonet looks exactly like her mother.

"No more WIRE HANGERS!!" Ashlee looks like she's channeling Joan Crawford leaving the London theatre where she's performing in "Chicago." Today she laughed off Nick Carter's assertion that he used Ashlee as a revenge screw after his then girlfriend Paris Hilton allegedly cheated on him with Chad Michael Murray. "No! That is so random. When I heard that, I was dying laughing." Which means they totally got it on, of course. Ew.

Big sister Jessica, meanwhile, is continuing the Public Fug Tour 2006. The short bob really makes her look like she should be sitting next to me in fifth grade science class making friendship bracelets and playing MASH.

Well, at least Mary-Kate Olsen looks healthy here. And the dress is actually quite pretty as well. But ditch the unnecessary accessories, please! And run a comb through the hair. You have enough money to have people do that for you

I kind of find Andy Samberg of SNL a little hot. That's me massaging his hair during a particularly bad spell of PMS.

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Stupid Whore Smackdown
By PopCultureWhore

Shanna Moakler is not having the best week ever. She and Paris Hilton were at LA nightclub Hyde last night with their respective posses and Shanna reportedly got into an argument with none other than Stavros Niarchos. The oafish Greek heir allegedly dumped the contents of his cocktail on Shanna and pushed her down some stairs. Hilton’s talking head Elliot Mintz contends that Paris was talking to Stavros when Shanna “came out of nowhere shouting obscenities and struck her on the side of her face by her jaw and then continued to shout at her.”

Click HERE to watch Paris return to the scene of her recent DUI arrest to file a police report against Shanna. She apparently changed clothes because she showed up at the club in a black tank top, but looks like she’s ready for her Capitol Hill internship in the shot above. Meanwhile, click HERE for video of a somewhat disheveled Shanna leaving Hyde. “Nothing happened. Everything’s fucking great!”

First of all, props to Shanna for doing what most of us would like to do to Paris Hilton, even if Shanna is a piece of trash herself. But honey, Travis Barker, the man these two are reportedly squabbling over, has his hands in an infinite number of little socialite cookie jars, I’m sure. Slapping Paris Hilton is like stomping on a roach – three more will crop up almost immediately.

The End Is Near!
By PopCultureWhore

Tori Spelling is with child! She and her Lifetime movie husband have consummated their marriage and will bring their demon spawn into the world. There’s no footage (yet) of this child’s conception, but I’m sure it was exactly like when Donna lost her v-card to David. “Do you like your surprise?” she coos. “Finally, you whore!!” David screams, momentarily thinking about just setting the beach house on fire with all those damn candles. But I guess Emily Valentine already had the pyro angle covered. Donna tells David that he “got so lucky” because he waited. Um honey, remember when he cheated on you by screwing that girl in the back of the limo? Yeah, that means he didn’t wait.

The soundtrack to this baby’s birth is going to sound something like this: