Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What’s the Matter, McFly?

Biff Tannen. Cultural icon. Thomas F. Wilson is tired of you asking all those “Back to the Future” questions, so he’s come up with a little ditty to rectify the situation. I was such a little BTTF whore when I was younger and I just watched the “pop up video” version of it on TMC or something. What did I learn? When Doc sends Einstein and the time machine one minute into the future in the mall parking lot, it looks as though Doc is controlling the Delorean via remote control, but it was actually a stunt man in a dog costume driving the car.

Why I Don’t Trust My Brother
By Nick Carter

"I’m going to tell you why. Because when I broke up with Paris, this guy takes her out, gets her fucking roasted. The next day, I find a fucking phone in the car. And what was it? It’s [Aaron Carter’s] phone taking a picture of her. HER! Smiling like this [insert smug whore face] in, in MY CADILLAC."

[Door slams. End scene]