Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Are More Beautiful Than You!
By PopCultureWhore

And we will ALWAYS be more beautiful, mmmkay? Oh yeah, and the one in the center? She's a virgin? Got that? Super. These ho's were out promoting some Victoria's Secret makeup line. Silly girls ... when someone's got some VS action going on, no one's looking at the makeup!

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Chubby Little Loser
By PopCultureWhore

... with the pug-nosed face! Click above for Bowie on "Extras."

SPF2 to debut in People, Spears publicist in limbo (Radar)

Flavor Flav “ain't really trying” to do more reality (TMZ)

Pete Doherty is obviously fully recovered (The Sun)

Lohan and Lagerfeld – soulmates (DListed)

Chris & Gwyneth, Beyonce and Jay-Z (PopSugar)

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Anna Nicole Not Hitched
By PopCultureWhore

Reports surfaced this morning that Anna Nicole had hastily married lawyer Howard K. Stern, perhaps in an effort to stave off a paternity squabble between Stern and ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead. Entertainment Tonight, however, says that Anna and Howard instead had a “commitment ceremony” during a late night trip around Nassau. He committed to providing her with everlasting Vicodin and she committed to keeping him in his Sunday best whenever that old coot’s money comes through. Is Anna seriously living off TrimSpa money these days? As far as I know, she hasn’t gotten any of her dead husbands billions, but she has managed to buy property in the Bahamas? Royalties from Naked Gun 2 ½ reruns certainly can’t pay that much. Reality show DVDs?

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Class Act!
By PopCultureWhore

Harry Morton knows how to bow out of a relationship respectfully. Appear on Extra!, wear sunglasses and recap it with about as much as enthusiasm as someone reading from the minutes of last month’s co-op meeting. Lindsay Lohan’s ex said the glare of the media spotlight made their relationship hard to handle … which is exactly why he went to the media to complain about it? He also squashed rumors that his recent trip to Cartier was to buy Lohan an engagement ring. “You can buy other things at Cartier,” he said, before announcing he was in fact looking at lighters. Seems like Tom Cruise might want to point his “glib” finger at Mr. Morton.

For a little trip down memory lane, here’s a clip from The Daily Show during which Morton denies that his Pink Taco restaurant chain is named after a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. Sit back and enjoy his dulcet tones utter the phrase, “I mean, if it was vagina-themed, there’d be vaginas all over the wall.”

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Fun, Laughs, Good Times ...
By PopCultureWhore

Here’s some more video of Ashlee Simpson in “Chicago.” She sounds much better than she did in the TMZ clip from a few days ago, but her voice still doesn’t really have the same power as the average Broadway star. I’ve never seen any of the other celebrities who have taken on the role (Brooke Shields being one of them?) so who knows how she stacks up? To make it really interesting, Jessica should play Velma and Papa Joe should be Billy Flynn. The mom could be a merry murderess during the Cell Block Tango or something and Daisy could play Mama Morton. Posted by Picasa