Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Had That Headband In 1988
By PopCultureWhore

Has Juliette Lewis been taking a few too many rides on the crazy train? Every time I see her lately, she's in some spandex 80's getup trying her best to act the part of a punk rocker. She looks like a Madame Toussaud's figurine above - or Jared Leto's less appreciated sister. I think I wore that headband for a rousing tap rendition of "42nd St" during my 1988 dance recital.

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Deport This Bitch NOW!
by PopCultureWhore

Superwhore Naomi Campbell failed to show up for a court date today. She is charged with second degree assault after she allegedly attacked a former housekeeper for not fetching her the right jeans or some stupid shit like that. Campbell's lawyer said Naomi was a no-show because there were too many photographers outside. "The press is all over this girl. There are over 100 cameramen outside this courthouse," he said. The judge was having none of that, telling the lawyer that the press has a right to be there. He was also annoyed that the prosecution was not asking for a bench warrant. Prosecutors said they are still trying to work out a plea bargain. Um hello, kick her ass to the curb. There are plenty of gazelle-like robo bitches willing to wear fancy clothes and treat servants like shit.

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By PopCultureWhore

Um, so Screech has reportedly made a sex tape. TMZ has a brief clip of the alleged tape, but it only shows Screech in a bubble bath and then giving (clothed) commentary later on about what had just happened. It's not hot at all. He basically looks like any company's IT guy chatting about firewalls and login failures. But he's an 80's Saturday morning icon discussing dirty sanchezes (look it up) and his reportedly large equipment. For some reason, I'm wishing that Internet rumor about his death a few years back was actually true so we could be saved from this tragedy. Because you know you're going to have to watch it. Posted by Picasa
Your World In Pictures
By PopCultureWhore

Jimmy Kimmel shows his love for Clay Aiken. Why do I think Jimmy already had that t-shirt in his closet? I'd like to think girlfriend Sarah Silverman has a matching one. Clay's not doing too badly these days (haircut notwithstanding). His most recent album reportedly knocked Justin from the number one spot on the charts.

What's that ring on Janet Jackson's finger? She was quite chatty about how much she loved current main squeeze Jermaine Dupri while on Oprah yesterday. Her latest album, 20 Y.O., drops today.

When I first saw this picture, I thought Lenny Kravitz was hanging out with Katie Holmes, which would be weird given that Lenny dated Tom's ex, Nicole Kidman.

The Hoff is one tall drink of water. An insane, botoxed drink of water, that is.

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By PopCultureWhore

Anna Nicole Smith's son died from a lethal combination of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro, which led to heart failure. Zoloft and Lexapro are drugs for depression but isn't methadone that low-dose heroin they give addicts who are trying to kick the habit?

Meanwhile, Anna's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, who was rumored to be the father of her daughter until Howard K. Stern claimed paternity last night, is disputing Stern's claim and demanding a paternity test. Stern told Larry King that he would submit to a test if Larry foots the bill.

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