Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is It 1963?
By PopCultureWhore

Posh Spice and "Phantom of the Opera" star Emmy Rossum got dolled up in their best retro duds - Victoria for a trip to Victoria's Secret (really?) and Emmy to corral the children of the corn for their annual meeting.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Pt 2,352
By PopCultureWhore

Paris Hilton told cops investigating a break-in at “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis’ house that “I’m not like that smart.” They were digging for information, but Paris was of no help, saying “I like forget stuff all the time.” No comment necessary. Meanwhile, if she can find her way there, a Los Angeles rehab center is offering its service to Ms. Hilton. Moderation Management is pushing for Hilton, who was arrested for drunk driving last month, to attend their program instead of Alcoholics Anonymous. "Paris is obviously an early stage problem drinker, and an abstinence group is an overkill and inappropriate for a celebrity,” says clinic director Marc Kern. Of course it is! Mingling with all those average folks trying to get off the sauce?! Never! Paris can attend Moderation Management free of charge – that is, if she gives a donation to the center she’s made into a respectable, sober citizen. That moron doesn’t need AA. She needs a slap upside the head and a vocal chord removal.

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The Pleasure Principle
By PopCultureWhore

Miss Jackson vamps it up for next month's Vanity Fair after having shed the weight she gained for an independent film that never was. She tells the magazine, however, that boyfriend Jermaine Dupree didn't mind having sex with her when she was at her heaviest. "Not once did he make me feel uncomfortable. He'd grab me, pull me around the stomach, look me in the eyes and say, 'This needs love too!'" she said. "I thought that was the sweetest thing. I've never in my life had love that was so unconditional. My weight never affected my sex life. Nothing changed, nothing!" Well duh, you're Janet Jackson. Jermaine's no fool. But why is she lying on newspaper in the last picture. Were they afraid she was going to have an accident?

The Lovely Bones
By PopCultureWhore

Nicole Ritchie came back from the dead to attend the annual Teen Vogue soiree. Best pal Paris Hilton was also in attendance with boy toy Stavros Niarchos. Let's hope Paris took a break from hitting the bottle to wish Nicole a happy 25th birthday.

This Makes So Much Sense
By PopCultureWhore

Angelina Jolie will reportedly star in the big screen version of “Atlas Shrugged,” that 800-page book by Ayn Rand some of you may have been forced to read in high school or college. I got about 3/4th of the way through it and “The Fountainhead” during my formative years before I officially vomited from pretentious bullshit overload (PBO). For me, Brad and Angelina fall into the PBO category, on display this week when Angelina spent $360,000 on a piece of art (below) from Banksy, the guy who altered the Paris CD’s. But just when you thought you it was officially ok to hate these two, they go ahead and donate $1 million to the Global Action for Children and $1 million to Doctors Without Borders as part of their new charitable foundation. Fuckers.

All That Lifeless Jazz
By PopCultureWhore

Video of Ashlee Simpson practicing for her debut as Roxie Hart in the London production of “Chicago” has emerged on TMZ. She’s not horrendous, but she definitely needs a little more oomph if she’s going to pull off Bob Fosse moves and deliver Broadway caliber vocal chops. I can’t see her holding those longer high notes (“Who says that murder’s not an aaaaaaaaart?!”) She was also interviewed, where she once again refused to talk about her alleged nose job – right after she’d sang the line about people recognizing Roxie for her nose (and lips, and boobs, of course).

Check out video of Amy Spanger as Roxie on Broadway.