Friday, September 15, 2006

More Orlando on 'Extras'
By PopCultureWhore

I posted a snippet of Orlando Bloom's guest star on Ricky Gervais' 'Extras' earlier, but here's the full clip.
You'd Better Work (On Your Skin)
By PopCultureWhore

Holy fuck. If you ever wondered why the “America’s Next Top Model” finalists never actually became top models, behold cycle 4 winner Naima. I’m hoping this is actually her twin sister, but I was never a really big Naima fan. I don’t think I’d want to go to CVS and buy toilet paper if my skin looked like that, let alone attend a Fashion Week soiree. Click HERE for more shots of other ANTM finalists like Rebecca, Keenyah and Nic. Nigel is still hot shit.

After Photoshop loving ...

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Do Not Stare Directly Into Their Eyes
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie left the kiddies at home this week to check out an art exhibit by Banksy in LA. He is best known for altering about 500 Paris Hilton albums and putting them back on the shelves. Do you think they constantly talk about world peace and existentialism or do they ever discuss things like the random captions on Cartoon Network, their favorite Starbucks latte or whether Biggie and Tupac are still alive? I’ll bet Maddox thinks Biggie is still alive. I also wonder if Angelina is wearing the pleather number from Mr. and Mrs. Smith under that trench coat. I’m thinking yes.

Click HERE for cute baby pics of Brad and Angelina.

What Happened?
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Juliette Binoche (right) and her mullet look like they're getting ready for the big screen version of "Cops: The Ladies Fight Back" as she poses with Robin Wright Penn and Jude Law in Toronto.

Heath, I know you've got street cred after "Brokeback Mountain" and no longer have to rock the teenage hearthrob look, but this is taking the "I don't care because I'm a Park Slope hipster" thing a little too far. Comb your hair, get Michelle to ditch the third grade onesy bathing suit and we might be back in business.

Owen Wilson tries to make an escape from the paparazzi. He's more Butterscotch Birthday Party Donkey than Butterscoth Stallion in this shot.

Project Runway Spoiler
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The "Project Runway" designers showed off their creations in New York this week. Four of the remaining contestants - Michael, Uli, Jeffrey and Laura - presented their collections at Fashion Week. Only three will be aired on the show; the fourth designer is a decoy since the episode that cuts their numbers to three has yet to be aired. I'm thinking either Laura or Uli are the decoy designers. Michael MUST be one of them and Jeffrey is annoying, but he's a bit more original than Uli or Laura.

Anyway, click HERE if you want a sneak peak at some of the designs.





Click HERE for more.
Welcome to My Nightmares
by PopCultureWhore

These are some shots from an upcoming GQ spread featuring K-Fed. Is he at some freak underwater carnival? Or is GQ getting really stingy on their photo shoots? A lap pool and a mirror – big time!

Meanwhile, People magazine reports that Spederline #2 is named Sutton Pierce Federline, SPF2. Sutton Pierce? This kid either has to become an investment banker or a bi-curious club kid a la Fabian Basabe with a name like that.

If only that pool were empty ...