Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fashion Week Must Haves
By PopCultureWhore

Just when you thought Fashion Week was not going to produce anything for you to wear, along comes jewelry designer Chris Aire (above) and Rock & Republic (after the jump). I almost wore my mesh skirt and matching pasties today but I just knew that bitch in accounting was going to wear the same thing, so I passed.

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Airing out the girls ...

Airing out the girls down below ...

Playing With Fire Bitches!!
By PopCultureWhore

Britney isn’t the only one releasing fancy pants visuals today. K-Fed got in the game with some cover art for his forthcoming album, Playing with Fire. You’ll see that his beverage of choice is actually on fire, so if he were to drink said beverage, he would literally be playing with fire. Subtlety is his art.

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SJP Regrets Not Wearing White
By PopCultureWhore

Sarah Jessica Parker regrets wearing a black cocktail dress for her 1997 wedding to Matthew Broderick instead of a white gown. She tells Marie Claire that she was "too embarrassed to get married in white" but now thinks that was "ridiculous, because that’s when you can relish the attention, when it’s natural. We treated it like it was a big party on a Monday night, and I regret it.” Hell, why not just do it again? I think they've got the cash. If Celine Dion can have that odd Egyptian themed second wedding, SJP should put her fashion connections to good use and have numerous second weddings. I imagine they might be a bit classier than Pam and Kid's soirees?

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Queen of the Night
By Telly Whore

New York is in the mutha-bleep-ing house! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the reigning queen of reality TV drama made a special appearance on this week’s “Flavor of Love.” It seems Omarosa has finally ridden out her 15 minutes of fame, and been replaced by none other than New York.

If you missed season one (and I doubt that anyone really did), then prepare yourself for drama like you’ve never seen before. New York, the runner up for Flavor Flav’s love from season one, came back louder and more rambunctious (if that is possible) than ever before, still proclaiming her love and affection for Flavor Flav.

New York made her entrance at the end of last week’s episode. Flav in all his brilliance thought it would be a grand idea to bring New York to season 2 to “advise” him on his picks for love. New York exploded into the house with the mission to air out the losers, the lames, the fakes, and the wannabes. Basically, she came to rid him of anyone who didn’t love him as much as she does. I don’t think anyone in the entire world, including Flav’s mom, loves him as much as New York does.

What was New York’s plan to dismantle this group of hopefuls? Well, it would appear by the rancorous insults and putdowns that spewed from her mouth into the shocked faces of the season 2 flavettes, that it was to goad each and every girl into a confrontation, where New York would ultimately come out victorious, thus forcing the girls to eliminate themselves. I guess I have to say her plan was somewhat of a success since Buckwild gave her clock back to Flav (and lost her “around the way girl” accent I might add) and left the house AND New York managed to swindle a semi-sincere apology from the bravado-laden Bootz.

I wasn’t planning on spending any energy on discussing the photo shoot for URB magazine featuring Flavor Flav and his girls, directed by New York, but there is absolutely no way I can skip over that super melodramatic scene written, produced, edited, and starring the one and only New York. I have no idea what really transpired, but right before the viewer’s eyes, New York changed into this crying, yelling, shouting, stomping two-faced monster. It was a tantrum to rival anything those bad-ass kids on Super Nanny can dish out. She was patted and petted, kissed and hugged much like any a parent would handle any insolent child.

Other smaller but equally as entertaining plot points that receive honorable mention are Beautiful’s cold sore, Delishis and Krazy, the ex-b.f.f.s turned screaming-foaming-at-the-mouth mortal enemies, and New York joining the season 2 cast of Flavor of Love. Did I forget to mention that?


So strap up viewers because we are in for a bumpy ride.

UPDATE: Click HERE for somewhat NSFW pics of the contestants posing for KING magazine.

Couture Galore
By Leila Cohan

We begin in the workroom in Parsons Paris with the love of my life, Ms. Catherine Malandrino. She tells them that their next task will be to create a couture gown. Tim Gunn drops some science about what that entails. Although we use the word “couture” to refer to any hand-sewn garment, only ten design houses, licensed by the French government, are officially allowed to call themselves couture. The designers will be expected to use couture techniques in the assembly of their gowns and they will have only two days. On Sunday night, Catherine will throw a party to show off the gowns.

The designers settle into their hotel. Everyone is psyched to be in Paris. Tim takes them out to dinner, near the Louvre. I’ve been there!

The next morning, everyone looks a little stressed. Tim takes them to sketch outside of Sacre Couer in Montmartre. Not for nothing, but Sacre Couer is a) incredibly beautiful and b) the worldwide headquarters of getting pickpocketed. Watch your wallets, designers! As they sketch, Michael reveals that he’s never done hand-sewing before and Vincent claims that he’s trained in couture dress-making and “it turns me on.” The Vincent skeeve-watch starts five minutes in, guys.


At the fabric store, the designers are given 300 Euros, or $375. Back in the workroom, the designers receive model cards for their French models, but are warned that they will have to refit the dresses on their models in New York. Tim leaves the workroom, but not before teaching us all how to say “make it work” in French. And I really must say, for someone so sophisticated and worldly, Tim’s French accent blows.

The designers busily drape. Uli and Laura are keeping it simple. Kayne is not. Meanwhile, Vincent’s looks like a couch. He has this awful tapestry he’s using for a skirt. It’s really just dreadful.

On the morning of Day 2, Tim comes to check in. He’s concerned about Michael’s use of time and he urges Laura to take the collar of her dress really over the top. By the by, Laura is suddenly showing like crazy. I understand that this is what happens when you’ve had several children, but damn.

Tim is concerned by the visible boning on Kayne’s dress. Interestingly, the opposite of the usual situation goes down here. Usually, when Tim doesn’t like something, Kayne doesn’t like it either, but is unsure of how to fix it. In this case, however, Kayne loves the gown and it’s really a taste issue.

In the workroom, Laura worries that Kayne will get kicked off. Jeffrey is not concerned. Jeffrey is also an asshat. With four hours to go, Michael’s is a hot mess. It looks a little poorly made. Meanwhile, Vincent is also running out of Time. Uli, Laura, and Jeffrey are, in contrast, on top of their shit.

The next morning, the models arrive at Parsons Paris for their fitting. This really ought to go without saying, but the models are really unusually gorgeous. Vincent is gluing his gown together. Couture! Tim is pissed as hell about this and they bitch back and forth.

The designers and models head over to a boat on the Seine, the location of the party. On the way onto the boat, however, someone throws an egg at the group and it hits the skirt of Michael’s model. Michael is stressed, pissed, and seriously in need of some champagne.

Catherine Malandrino greets the designers and models, looking fabulous, as usual.

Catherine totally flirts with Jeffrey and we finally learn what his stupid neck tattoo says: “Harrison Detroit” (his son’s name) and (in Italian) “the love of my life.” While his neck tattoo is still dumb, that’s a little sweet. Jeffrey tells Catherine that his dress was inspired by the Statue of Liberty. Catherine, who is almost blushing at this point, says that the gown is very audacious. She also likes the long sleeves on Laura’s dress and the construction of Kayne’s gown. She seems less impressed by Michael’s.

Now for the awesome part: Catherine walks over to evaluate Vincent’s garment and Vincent makes her extremely uncomfortable. She tries and tries to talk about the dress and Vincent keeps telling her what a sensational woman she is. Priceless.

Catherine requests a runway walk while she marks her scorecards. Everyone does very well, but Jeffrey’s and Uli’s garments are clearly head and shoulders above the other four.

The next morning, the designers head back to New York. Au revoir, Paris! More importantly, au revoir, Catherine Malandrino!

In New York, Tim sends the models in immediately. Several designers are having fit challenges and Laura’s collar (i.e. the centerpiece of her outfit) has collapsed.

On the runway, Heidi welcomes the designers back. Joining Heidi, Michael, and Nina tonight is Richard Tyler and…he’s looking rough.

Heidi once again cryptically refers to benefits from winning that will be revealed in a future challenge.

Kayne’s piece starts the show and I have to say, I kind of like it. Couture is supposed to be over the top and out there and his garment really is. I think the top is gorgeous, visible boning and all, but I have a problem with the stripey skirt.

Next up we have Laura’s gown. I’m not wild about it. I don’t think it’s out there enough for couture, and it really looks crappy now that the collar has wilted.

Uli’s gown is really incredibly beautiful. It actually reminds me somehow of the dress Santino did last year in the semifinals. I’m a sucker for braiding and the beading also looks sensational. I love it.

Next up, we have Jeffrey’s and while it’s very Alexander McQueen/Vivienne Westwood, it’s also incredibly daring and quite couture. Were I picking a dress to wear myself, I’d choose Uli’s, but I think Jeffrey deserves to win the challenge.

Vincent’s dress…Vincent’s dress is a disaster. The skirt looks like a couch and the top is very first-year-design-student. To top it all off, he’s glued a fabric rose to the back. Way to go, Angela.

Now, you all know how much I adore Michael. And as soon as his dress started down the runway, I got very, very nervous. Nazri looks amazing, as always, but the poor construction is really obvious and the top is not flattering in the chest area. Yikes.

The judges love Uli’s and Jeffrey’s dresses and are not so crazy about any of the other four. Kayne’s is too busy, Vincent’s is not couture and should be reversed, Laura’s is knockoff Yves Saint Laurent, and Michael’s is ill-fitting and poorly executed.

The judges deliberate. Catherine seems to have agreed with the New York judges pretty neatly.

The designers return to the runway. Jeffrey is the winner, and very happy about it. Uli is in. Michael is in (thank god!!!!). Kayne is in, leaving Laura and Vincent in the bottom two. Vincent’s dress was ugly and not couture and Laura’s was a rehash of something they had seen done better before. Laura, of course, is in, and Vincent is out. Tim seems not unhappy to send him to clean up his space. It is worth noting that Vincent initiates his hug.

Charity Whore

Taking a break from the snark, I wanted to mention an upcoming event sponsored by a friend of contributor Tiffany Westlie, who wrote our "So You Think You Can Dance" recaps. The Stand Up for the Lighthouse comedy event will benefit the Lighthouse International Child Development Center, which enables children with vision impairments. Comic Greg Giraldo will headline the Sept. 19 event at Comix in the meatpacking district, so check it out if you're in town.

WHERE: Comix, 353 West 14th Street between 8th and 9th Ave
WHEN: Sept 19, 6:30pm cocktails and hors d'oeuvres; show at 7:45pm.
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Fashion Week Draws Celebs
By Kimmie Smith

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. Campuses are full again, the Hamptons have quieted down AND Fashion Week is here. Bryant Park becomes the Belle of the Ball in NYC and not only are the runways the focal point, but the stars as well. For the last eight days, everyone will be buzzing through the tents.

This year the front portion was clear so you could see who is inside. As I walked through the area, even I was surprised to see the tents look more like greenhouses and LOVED that you could see through it.

Attending Friday's kick off to the event was Courtney Cox (above). I think she looked very classy. There is something to be said in dressing simply and looking very chic. After all, this is one of the biggest events of the year!

Amerie made an appearance at Thursday's Miss Sixty show. She looked cute and considering that Miss Sixty is a very young and trendy look, I think she had the great blend of sexy and fashionable with great hair and makeup. Hilary Duff showed up at the Michael Kors show, while newlywed Avril Lavige joined Heather Graham, Christina Milian and Petra Nemcova at the Diesel show yesterday.

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Whore Links
By PopCultureWhore

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Hangin' Tough
By PopCultureWhore

Former New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight is HOT! He had a record signing at a Wal-Mart, where he signed a whopping four albums. D’oh. Someone’s a long way from boy band glory.

Eye of the White Trash Tiger
By PopCultureWhore

Let the transformation begin! Britney Spears’ Web site has been taken down and in its place is a picture of a tiger that morphs into a picture of Britney and back again to the sounds of a snarling tiger. A note says that “Britney’s new Web site is in the works.” Let’s hope this means the old Britney is on her way back seeing as how she’s popped out baby number two and managed to get her firstborn to his first birthday unscathed. I don’t know about the tiger motif, but at least there’s no poetry this time.