Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kate Pushes Fancy Undies
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"I opened the door to room 23 ... and found Pete setting my clothes on fire because Satan had told him my Burberry jacket would kill him in his sleep ... that's ok. It was a silly jacket. And who needs clothes when you have ... Agent Provocateur."

Kate has come a long way from her Calvin Klein Obsession days, natch.

Suri's Vanity Fair Cover

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This is not a good look for JT. Pasty and half drunk next to a blaring headline that says "WET DREAM." Rolling Stone needs to get a little more original. The "King of Sex" has had better cover moments. Check out other JT Rolling Stone moments HERE.

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By PopCultureWhore

Suri Cruise lives! ONTD has posted the first pics after Katie Couric flashed the Vanity Fair in which they'll be displayed on her first broadcast tonight. She looks slightly like an 80-year-old man with that hair. Weird!

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Orlando Jumps Ship
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Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth are dunzo - again. Entertainment Tonight reports that the couple, who have been off and on for nearly four years, have decided to call it quits. That might make shooting of their next movie a little awkward. The couple are set to star together in Seasons of Dust, a Depression-era drama about a young woman (Bosworth) whose uncle commits suicide, forcing her on the lam with a dashing thief (Bloom). He was probably tired of being poked by her bones every time he went in for a hug.
The Crying Game
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Crying about his divorce during a Rolling Stone interview helped propel Nick Lachey’s sophomore album to number one, and it appears ex-wife Jessica Simpson is also jumping on the water works bandwagon days after the release of her own record.

Jessica was featured in a somewhat disjointed reality special last night on MTV that showed her palling around with her (annoying) best friend and hairdresser Ken Paves, performing at a gay club and singing for a select group of fans. During that more intimate performance, Jessica burst into tears while singing a song about letting someone go. She appeared to have the same reaction after performing “With You,” a tribute to Nick, on the “CBS Early Show."

The special itself was a little depressing. Despite the fact that there were still burps, discussions about dog poop and one or two dumb comments, Jessica was very subdued and far from the bubbly airhead she portrayed during her “Newlyweds” days. She looked uncomfortable during the performance at Hollywood gay club Factory (a vibe that did not go unnoticed), and the “friendly banter” between Paves, former assistant CaCee Cobb and a bevy of assistants about how best to market the latest album has “staged” written all over it. It also seemed to trample the upbeat, party girl tone she wanted to push with her “Public Affair” album.

Someone needs to get that girl a better music producer. Gwen Stefani used her post breakup rage to churn out “Tragic Kingdom” for No Doubt; surely Jessica (or a savvy mix master) could do better than a remake of “You Spin Me Right Round” and a rip-off of Madonna’s “Holiday.”

Meanwhile, Jessica also made a stop today for Rosie O’Donnell’s debut on “The View,” during which she denied a relationship with John Mayer. Not exactly what US Weekly and People magazine wanted to hear.

Starving Artist
By Eugenia B.

Guess what book I’m going to pick up next time I go into Barnes & Noble to use the bathroom and read magazines without buying them? I don’t think it will be “That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels, and Everything in Between" from intellectual poster child Victoria Beckham. I hope this piece of pink, sugar coated crap was ghost written, only because I like to imagine the instructions that the ghost writer received. "Now, Ghostwriter, remember in high school when the school dork would write term papers for the jocks but they would dumb them down so it was realistic? Well, that’s what we need! No words with more than two syllables, no wit or intellect, don’t get all fancy and start talking about history or facts. Just try to be as crappy as possible. We want this to be realistic! Got it?"

STORK UPDATE: News of Victoria’s pregnancy seems to have been lost in translation. A rep for the couple denies that Posh is knocked up again. It seems that David Beckham thought a paparazzo had asked if Victoria and the kids were doing well, to which he answered “yes.” The woman had actually asked if Victoria and her growing spawn were doing well, prompting her to assume that Posh was indeed pregnant. Brilliant. Posted by Picasa
By PopCultureWhore

Paris Hilton may have been able to saunter right past Tara Reid outside of Hyde in Hollywood, but the doormen at NYC hotspot Bungalow 8 were not quite so charitable after the VMAs on Thursday. Paris and her posse (including Diddy) were forced to wait in the streets like peasants; a trying ordeal that will likely make for some interesting banter at her next therapy session. She can also discuss the efforts of a prankster who manipulated the cover art of her albums, including one shot that replaced her head with that of a dog. Copies are available on eBay for more than $1,000.

Boo Hoo!
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Jude Law would like to be taken seriously, thank you very much. Months after the fact, Jude is piping up about how embarrassed he was by Chris Rock’s opening Oscar monologue, during which Rock said Jude was a low-rent version of Tom Cruise. “As a celebrity I know I’m fair game for a lot of things that I don’t like, but Rock crossed the line when he made his point and got his laugh then seemingly wouldn’t stop,” he tells the New York Times. Whatever. It’s Chris Rock, not Martha Stewart. What did you expect? Posted by Picasa
Whore Links
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> The Klums and Stefanis go out for a stroll (People). Gwen, meanwhile, denies that she boycotted the VMAs (US Weekly).

> Diddy and Kim Porter are having twins (People).

> Suri Cruise will make her debut tomorrow in Vanity Fair (US Weekly).

> Rupert Everett is spilling the beans on the leading ladies in his life, including Madonna and Sharon Stone. He should be thanking God he didn't land the lead male role in Basic Instinct 2 (Daily Mail).
Sony BMG Signs K-Fed
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That galloping your hear is the horsemen of the apocalypse. Kevin Federline has inked a deal with Sony BMG. K-Fed was set to release his debut album, Playing with Fire, on his own record label – Federation Records – but executives were impressed by his Teen Choice Awards performance and snapped up Sir Federline. His wife Britney is signed to Song BMG unit, Jive Records.

Laughable rumor of the day: Britney will ask Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera to serve as godparents to her second child.