Monday, September 04, 2006

BoomKat Was A Fly Girl?
by PopCultureWhore

I was just watching the Jessica Simpson special on MTV (more on that later) and there was a promo for an upcoming show called “The Little Talent Show.” It looks like a low-rent combo of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance/Act that will probably suck big time, but its saving grace is that one of the judges is none other than BoomKat!

For those of you not familiar with precious BoomKat, she’s Laurie Ann Gibson, the choreographer from “Making the Band 3” who screams “boom boom KAT!” rather than the usual “5, 6, 7, 8” dancing counts. She’s spunky and probably insane, but I love her for making me care about pelvic thrusts, Danity Kane and keeping it real.

That being said, I’m surprised I’ve never googled her ass before tonight. In doing so, I found out that she is from Toronto (what?) and was a fly girl on “In Living Color” for two episodes. I can totally see her getting into it with Rosie Perez, the ILC choreographer. First rule of BoomKat? BoomKat does NOT like being told what to do.

I searched YouTube for a little ILC footage of BoomKat, but to not avail. I guess I could rent her dance DVD “Breakin’ It Down,” videotape myself doing just that and post it online, but that’s just crazy talk. That and I don’t own a camcorder.

The moral of this ramble is that MTV realizes that BoomKat makes for good TV and I’m glad I will be graced with her presence yet again.

I think THIS might be her official MySpace page, but she misspells Danity Kane in the “about me” section, so who knows? That could just be her way of showing the ladies what’s what. Who else would post a video there that consists entirely of their tiny rat dog barking like he was hopped up on crack? Posted by Picasa
Living Dolls!
by PopCultureWhore

Rich from FourFour has made my night by uploading “Living Dolls” to YouTube. This 2001 HBO documentary follows five-year-old beauty contestant Swan Brooner and her white trash mother as they travel the country in the quest for a crown. It’s hilarious, sad and disturbing all at once – like a good guilty pleasure should be.

Sadly, Swan’s mother passed away from cancer a few years ago and Swan’s father also died recently. I believe THIS is the MySpace profile of Swan’s sister, Silva. And HERE is the Web site of hair and makeup guy, Mr. Michael. He’s apparently no longer with his partner in beauty pageant crime. But here’s a more recent picture of Swan’s competition, Leslie Butler.

Click above for part one.
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Madge Storms Paris
By PopCultureWhore

Ads for Madonna's H&M campaign were put up in a Paris metro station, while the Material Girl took in the sites with daughter Lourdes and son Rocco. Her last tour date in the city of lights featured an appearance by Lenny Kravitz during a rock 'n' roll rendition of "I Love New York."

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"I Read Good"
By PopCultureWhore

Pop quiz. K-Fed is reading:

- The fine print on the pre-nup?
- The forward to his autobiography, written by Brody Jenner?
- Run Spot, Run?
- Nietzche Unveiled?
Posh Is Knocked Up (Again)
By PopCultureWhore

Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child. She and husband David Beckham have been looking to add a girl to their brood of boys, so let's hope the fourth time is the charm. Not like it's that big a chore for her to keep trying, I'm sure!

RIP Crocodile Hunter