Sunday, September 03, 2006

While You Were In The Hamptons
by PopCultureWhore

> Diane Lane is 41. This both gives me hope or makes me want to kill myself (Egotastic)

> What do Diane Keaton, Kimberly Stewart and Britney Spears have in common? They like to run around barefoot. Celebrities need to put their damn shoes on. It’s a sacrilege to have all that money and not spend at least a little of it on fancy shoes I’ll never be able to afford. (DListed)

> Jessica Simpson’s former assistant CaCee Cobb is dating Donald Faison of Scrubs and Clueless fame? (Evil Beet)

> Paris Hilton will be spending the money she didn’t earn from sales of her first album for a seat on Richard Branson’s civilian space mission. America’s favorite tramp has put a $195,000 down payment to fly into outer space … someday. The endeavor is still in planning stages, but word is she’ll have to wear an adult diaper because the shuttle will not have bathroom facilities. God, if black holes read blogs, I beg you to work together and suck this one in. (Fametastic)

> Jeremy London married Plastic Surgery Barbie. Time has not been good to him since “Dazed and Confused”(PeoplePosted by Picasa
VMA Scraps
By PopCultureWhore

> Did an American Music Awards performance from Britney inspire Beyonce at this year’s VMAs? You be the judge. Britney did not inspire laughs, however. Her dramatically challenged videotaped appearance with K-Fed has been edited out of VMA rebroadcasts.

> Is Ashlee Simpson through with band mate Braxton? Pink is the New Blog reports that Ms. Simpson was spotted making out with Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy at a VMA after party held at MisShapes. New nose, new boy?

> Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis proves that he is a smooth operator. What did he think of the damning, but oddly intriguing Los Angles Times profile written about him last month? "Here's the problem. If I had had sex with that reporter like she wanted to, it'd have all worked out for me. But I chose not to 'cause she's a fat ugly pig. So I made that decision,” he tells Gawker. I’m sure she kicking herself on a daily basis.

> Meanwhile … Christina Aguilera wasn’t in the mood to sign autographs for fans on the red carpet ... Jason and LC aren’t exactly on speaking terms ... Paris’ attempt at a live performance wasn’t all that hot ... Ice-T likes ‘em classy ... Missy gets smacked on the head ... and FourFour watches so you don't have to.
When Porsches Attack
By PopCultureWhore

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi were in a minor car accident in Los Angeles this weekend. Ellen stopped her Porsche at a stoplight and a Buick pulled up behind her. Another Porsche – allegedly manned by a drunk woman – slammed into the Buick, which hit Ellen’s car. Ellen and Portia were not injured, save for a few aches and pains. No word on the fate of the Porsches. The fourth season of Ellen’s show featuring JT in Central Park debuts on Monday.

Sharon Adds To Dynasty
By PopCultureWhore

Sharon Stone has added to her brood with the adoption of a baby boy named Quinn. She has two other adopted sons, six-year-old Roan and 15-month-old Laird. She and Britney will have children around the same age. I smell a play date! Let's hope this tot keeps her too busy to consider another sequel to Basic Instinct. Actually this picture above has somewhat of a Mommie Dearest quality to it ... maybe it's the pearls?

Aniston Keeps Girls Under Wraps
By PopCultureWhore

Jennifer Aniston has settled a lawsuit with a paparazzo. The “Friends” star sued photographer Peter Brandt after he sent the tabloids photographs that featured a topless Aniston from inside her home and separate shots of her with Vince Vaughn. She claimed the pictures caused her humiliation and distress, Brandt claims he was 300 feet away from her home and captured the shots legally. In a deal, Aniston agreed to drop her lawsuit if Brandt agrees to never publish the snaps. I’m thinking Aniston needs to perhaps bypass that next trip to Barney’s and invest in some curtains … or a BB gun like Britney.

In her honor, however, click HERE for revealing and NSFW paparazzi shots of Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt and Jude Law. Speaking of Mr. Pitt, he continued to prove that he is better than all of us this past week by heading to New Orleans to unveil the winner of a design contest he sponsored. Two NYC designers will construct an environmentally sound housing complex for low-income families devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Super!