Monday, August 28, 2006

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"I Can't Let That Go To Waste"
By PopCultureWhore

Some weirdo is selling a half-eaten egg salad sandwich and corn dog sampled by Britney Spears and K-Fed. The vacuum-packed foodstuffs were collected by a caterer who was working a private music industry event and placed on eBay. Bidding currently stands at $51 with 2 days left to get your piece of processed history. Britney ate half of an egg salad sandwich before its remains were gathered by the industrious waiter. K-Fed later took two bites of a corn dog before discarding it. “As I was picking up the plate Britney picked it up really quick giggled and said ‘I can't let that go to waste’ and quickly took a big bite off of the stick end of the corn dog,” the seller writes in the item description. How thrilling! Throw in a half-eaten bag of Brit’s Cheetos and one of Sean P’s used diapers and I’m there!
D-List Roundup
By PopCultureWhore

Slater shows us what was underneath those Z Cavariccis on Nip/Tuck.

Click HERE to see Tara Reid get denied at LA nightclub Hyde, while Paris Hilton and her socialite pal breeze by with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Cher’s son was scared that he caught an STD from having sex with Paris. Since she's practically a virgin, the heiress was a tad upset.

Brody Jenner and Nicole Ritchie were snapped holding hands and the world stopped turning. Earlier, Nicole took a tumble, presumably after being weighted down by eating a grape.

A Simpson Silenced!
By PopCultureWhore

Jessica Simpson has lost her voice and a concerned America screams, “She sings?!” That’s right, kids. In a cruel twist of fate, Jessica has lost her voice just one day before the release of her new album, “Public Affair.” The former Newlywed has been forced to cancel appearances on TRL, Today and the Late Show with David Letterman so she can rest her voice. In Touch Weekly reports that Jessica is communicating via note pad and pen. Perhaps she got a gander of early reviews of her album, which AP said was full of “banal, ridiculous dance songs” and she disappoints vocally, “choosing to pant and vamp her way through a song instead of really singing.”
Cast Changes Rock Soap World
By SoapOperaWhore

Dan Gauthier, who plays Kevin Buchanan on One Life to Live, has been let go from the role he has been playing since 2003, and there are no plans to recast the role. Gauthier will stay on through November Sweeps when his character will move out of the country. The reason for his firing? Focus groups found his character unlikable.

That was hardly Dan Gauthier's fault. The writers wrote Kevin into a rapidly descending downward spiral that included sterility and alcoholism, during which he was vile to his ex-wife turned fiancée Kelly. It's a shame because there is so much potential story left between Kevin and Kelly as she comes to grip with the fact that she is carrying the child of Kevin's dead son and her best friend, Duke. Add into the mix Kelly's developing friendship with Hugh Hughes and you have the makings of a sizzling triangle. One Life to Live needs to cultivate a story like this with characters that viewers care about as they continue to populate the canvas with new characters who aren't interesting while core characters with likable actors are written into corners and right off the show.

In happier, if not a little bit late news, Michael Easton("John McBain") signed a contract that will keep him in Llanview and his character alive. Rumor had it that if Michael Easton had opted to not re-sign with One Life to Live his character was going to be killed, giving Natalie even more heartache. Luckily for Natalie and viewers, John will be in Llanview for some time to come.


Did Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery Kane) every really leave All My Children? Since her exit in February of 2005, Riegel has made three limited returns to the soap when the need for Bianca's presence was too overwhelming to ignore.

On October 11, Riegel and Bianca are slated to return to the AMC canvas for an extended run. The exact length is a closely guarded secret, as is the storyline awaiting Riegel, but the show insists that it will be longer than her previous three returns.

What does this mean for her lady love Maggie in Paris? I guess we'll have to wait until October to find out. I, for one, cannot wait. All My Children is a mess. Bianca has the magic touch when it comes to fixing the problems of Pine Valley residents. Maybe Eden Riegel is the magic touch AMC needs to get its act together!

Hot on the tails Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves’ departure from Days of our Lives as Jack and Jennifer and the addition of Hogan Sheffer as the soap’s new head writer, comes word that Austin Peck (Austin) and Christie Clark (Carrie) have been let go from the fan favorite roles they have recently reprised.

New head writers are known for coming in and pruning a cast to fit their vision for the show. Add in the budget cuts that are plaguing Days and you're left with a mass exodus of characters who are needed on the canvas. Austin and Carrie are the last characters whom Hogan Sheffer should be ditching.

At least it means that Carrie and Austin might finally get their happy ending. If you’re giving them their walking papers, at least have them sail off into the sunset together.

The exits don't stop there. Farah Fath and Kyle Brandt will be exiting the roles of Mimi and Phillip. There isn't any word on whether their roles will be recast, but the show is actively looking to recast the role of Shawn Brady when Jason Cook also departs in the fall.

Do I see a Belle and Shawn reunion in the future? They have one child together of whom they are unaware, they are expecting another, and both of their respective spouses seem to be exiting the show without a recast in sight. Welcome back Shelle.
Flavor of Soul Food Love
By Telly Whore

Flavor Flav, oh Flavor Flav…where for art thou, Flavor Flav? Doesn’t watching this show bring to mind life’s true romances? Romeo and Juliet, Ike and Tina, Bobby and Whitney, Brittney and Kevin…or am I getting true romance confused with dysfunction? It’s hard to tell these days.

Anyway, last week on the renowned Flavor of Love, our sweet prince Flavor Flav shows his ladies all the respect they deserve. He puts the girls up to a challenge for his one-on-one affection. Based on the clothing attire of the young ladies, I am left to assume that the ladies thought they would be whisked away to some glamorous, celebrity-ridden shindig (I guess they missed last season). Instead the first set of six flavettes was dropped off at a soul food restaurant in the middle of the infamous Crenshaw (I hope it wasn’t near 54th Street). For this challenge, these six girls were given a typical “job” that one might have in a soul food restaurant, including, but not limited to, waitressing, gutting catfish, and plucking chickens.

Sumthin, not to be outdone by her more serious competitor Bootz, decided to turn her job into a big game and she was in turn fired. Yes, Sumthin was fired from her fake job. I wonder if she considered leaving a present behind on their floor. Anyway, Bootz won the challenge for showing courage in the face of adversity. She ripped open a fish the size of a toddler and never batted an eye. She was a real trooper.


Not learning from the others mistakes, the remaining six girls choose their best “dress-to-impress” attire and were soon showing signs of major disappointment as they were dropped off at a celebrity’s home, where they discovered that they were, in fact, the janitorial staff. By the way, the celebrity turned out to be the rapper/producer Warren G, probably most known for the hit Regulators circa 1990. Evidently Warren had catered a wild party that left his house in a shambles (for lack of a better word). For her bravery in attempting to clean a bathroom where I can only guess at what was concealed behind the blur, Nibblz was granted the special lobster dinner with Flavor Flav.

Of course, what is a reality show without mini subplots and melodramas? Subplot one: Flavor takes an early interest in one of the candidates nicknamed Krazy. Flavor Flav shows us his most charming and chivalrous side by making out with the candidate everywhere the cameras were certain to catch him. Subplot two: In an unforeseen turn of events, Flavor Flav secretly asks Delisshis to join him for an overnight rendezvous in his private quarters, moments before Krazy offers herself to Flavor. To make matters more dramatic, Delisshis is the young lady whom Krazy decided to confide in, spilling her sob story about her deep love for Flavor Flav, only to find out later on from another of the girls that Flav was spending QT with her confidante. Queue the alligator tears.

Meanwhile, we get to see a few potential brawls brewing. Sumthin and Bootz engage in an exchange fraught with expletives and put-downs, which proved to be less than entertaining. When Payshintz decides to confront Bootz about her disrespectful comments, Bootz proceeds to attack Payshintz verbally, causing poor Payshintz to revert to her native language of Mandarin Chinese.
In the clock ceremony, after much rhyming and pretend sullen faces, Flavor Flav chooses to eliminate Sumthin (because he can’t get over the “incident”) and Tiger (because she’s not feeling him or rather, she is not throwing her self at him). Payshintz, who had her ego and her good name bruised by the tattler, also known as Bootz, decides to eliminate her self admitting that she is just not cut out for the daily drama that is a certainty in the house of Flavor Flav.

For all of us romantics at heart, stay tuned until next week to watch the women get dirtier and more ridiculous in their pursuit of “love.”

Monday With JT and Beyonce
By PopCultureWhore

I just spent the entire day in Central Park for the season premiere taping of Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. It featured performances by Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, so I will post some updates by the night’s end! I also went to Mariah Carey last night out in Jersey, so look for a review of her high notes and thigh bearing outfits! Posted by Picasa