Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank You
By PopCultureWhore

Someone apparently cares where their hard-earned cash ends up because “Snakes on a Plane” only took in $15 million this weekend despite hefty Internet buzz. I think that’s all it had, though, because I can’t say I saw too many TV ads for it, did you? Studio big wigs were expecting the movie to make about $10 million more than it actually did, but it only cost $30 million to make, so it’ll likely recoup that in the coming weeks and executives can start planning for “Sharks on a Roller Coaster” and “Lemur in a Roller Skate.” The “Pirates” sequel, meanwhile, is steamrolling toward the $1 billion mark.
We're Still Alive
By PopCultureWhore

K-Fed has pulled off his first TV appearance as a rapper and the world did not implode all around us. Mr. Federline closed the Teen Choice Awards tonight after an introduction from a rather well-endowed Britney (who was STILL chewing gum). It began with him sitting at a grand piano while two pint-sized K-Fed’s danced around him. He then launched into an average hip-hop song called “Lose Control” and basically just grabbed his crotch and shimmied around the stage for a few minutes. For a former backup dancer, I would’ve expected some better moves, but let’s remember who we’re dealing with here. Ironically, he also channeled Justin Timberlake’s first TV appearance as a solo artist during the VMAs and had a large boom box as his backdrop. There were unfortunately no cuts to the audience during his performance for looks of shock and awe. K-Fed did get a kiss on the cheek from Jessica Simpson for his efforts, but co-host Dane Cook clearly ignored him as the trio shuffled offstage. Other show snippets I caught included Nick Lachey announcing that being there with Jessica was “awkward” and several thousand teen girls almost having cardiac arrest when Johnny Depp showed up to accept his award. For old time’s sake, click HERE for an old Justin and Britney Teen Choice Awards clip.

More pics from the show ...

Horizontal stripes? No. Her onstage outfit was much better.

Nicole Ritchie's eating habits likely rubbing off on Mischa.

Grizzly Adams takes the stage.

Sparkle, sparkle.

This dress does not look comfortable.

Beyonce's Message to Rihanna?
by PopCultureWhore

Is Beyonce sending singer Rihanna a message via her new single? It’s been rumored that Jay-Z and Rihanna have been having a little something on the side, though both sides deny the fling and Beyonce herself has denied any ill will toward Rihanna. But Media Take Out points to lyrics in Beyonce’s new single “Ring the Alarm” that might suggest otherwise. In the song, Beyonce warns a woman sleeping with her boyfriend to stay away. “She’s sold half a million – gold” Beyonce sings. Both of Rihanna’s albums have been certified gold, while Beyonce has reached multi-platinum status. Even though Beyonce strikes me as somewhat of a bore, Jay-Z would probably have to be an idiot to cheat on her. Beyonce is probably just trying for the harder edge after dancing around in frou frou outfits singing about her booty for years. The song sucks, though.
Only Hours ‘til Armageddon
By PopCultureWhore

It’s only a few hours now until K-Fed unleashes his musical stylings on the American TV public. Britney’s loyal manservant is scheduled to close the show at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards tonight with his debut single … which can be found on his upcoming album … which he will release on a record label he created himself. Federline told that he is going for the “Oh my God factor” with his performance. He promises that there are a “few tricks up my sleeve here and there.” I hope to God that doesn’t include a cameo from a pregnant Britney because that would just be a white trash explosion nobody needs to see.