Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey There Tacky!
By PopCultureWhore

Hello! magazine in the UK featured a photo spread on the Italian Riviera retreat of Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It's like a 1970's disco come to life. I know their style is a little flamboyant, but this is a little ridiculous. Do you just lounge around on those black leather couches reading the newspaper, watching the news, checking e-mail? It's the opposite extreme of former Gucci designer Tom Ford. I remember some photo spread in W or something that had him in this palatial mansion, but the only furnishings were a black couch and a rectangular coffee table likely the size of my living room. I think there were also Dobermans that matched the couch .... weirdos.

I thought they might have used leftover material to craft this dress for Cate Blanchett, but her little "Walk Like an Egyptian" number is Chanel ...

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Amanda Classes Up Teen Set
By Kimmie Smith

Who is Amanda Bynes' stylist? I was looking through photos today of different stars on and off the red carpet. Sometimes many celebs looks are "hit or miss" but Miss Amanda seems to always be on point. She definitely plays up her cute and sassy elements with her effortless glam looks while also allowing that natural star quality to glow. At MTV's Movie Awards above, Amanda shows that the Little Black Dress looks fabulous and is a must for all girls to have in their closets. Paired with a clutch, heels and the amazing glam bracelet, the outfit is complete! This is definitely an elegant look that is ageless and sophisticated.

Recently at the Much Music Awards in Toronto, Miss Amanda allows her youthful energy to come in again with a look that has become very popular this season, the baby doll dress. This outfit has almost equaled the sophistication of the Little Black Dress and I believe it has its elements of sophistication and timeless qualities. With this clean, neutral color palette - Amanda comes off looking stunning. More celebs should have her sense of style or find her stylist!
Coke Does A Bank Account Good
by PopCultureWhore

If this month’s Vanity Fair is any indication, Kate Moss is not hurting for work after her cocaine scandal. Ms. Moss is featured on the cover of the magazine's "Style Issue" and in an accompanying, glowing article. She can also be found in numerous ads throughout the 400-page magazine, including those for Calvin Klein (above), Burberry, Dior, David Yurman and Versace.



Kate as Marlene Dietrich in magazine photo shoot



David Yurman

Calvin Klein


Magazine photo shoot

Double-Oh Diddy
By PopCultureWhore

Diddy donned a tux and called up some extras left over from Mariah Carey’s “Honey” video shoot to film a commercial for his “Unforgivable” fragrance, proving once again that he is not exactly the master of original ideas. Danity Kane might want to ask Johnny Record Producer to stop hanging out with Justin so much and save them from Diddy’s clich├ęd clutches.

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Rachel's Little Glowworm
By PopCultureWhore

Rachel Weisz and her tiny glowworm, Harry Chance, were spotted in New York recently. If you squeeze his stomach, does his head light up? Glowworms were kind of a ridiculous toy. You had to find just the squeeze spot to make them glow and my friends' more violent kid brothers always took pleasure in grabbing Glowworm by his hat and smacking us with the part that housed his battery pack.

Well Hello ...
By PopCultureWhore

I’ve been in a real Justin Timberlake mood lately and these pictures only fuel that fire. Rumor has it that he’ll be adding an Aug. 31 stop in NYC for his SexyBack club tour (the seven already scheduled stops reportedly sold out in 30 seconds …). If so, I’ll be clicking Ticketmaster like a crack fiend the day they go on sale.

But first, THIS is hilarious. When did N’Sync record Spanish versions of their songs? I loved them back in the day, but they really are cheese-tastic.

Danger Will Robinson!
by PopCultureWhore

Today’s unintentionally hilarious headline goes to: “Macaulay Culkin Flees Middle East to Escape Hezbollah.” Seriously? He and girlfriend Mila Kunis from “That 70’s Show” were vacationing at a resort in Haifa, Israel, but had to evacuate when Lebanese forces began bombing the city. I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but the headline makes it sound like Hezbollah was specifically targeting the “Home Alone” star as he ran through the trenches to narrowly escape a fiery demise. It reminds me of the Omarion press release snafu following the London subway bombings when a publicist called for the R&B star’s fans to pray for him, despite the fact that he wasn’t so much as inconvenienced by the terrorist attacks. Thank God Mac made it out alive to star in his next Cinemax-esque project. “Sex and Breakfast” will feature Culkin as one half of a couple who attends couples therapy to helping a sagging relationship and is told to experiment with group sex.
I Want Those Shoes
By PopCultureWhore

I wonder if Hollywood icons of yesteryear would be as revered if they were given reality shows or were tracked by the paparazzi as much as today’s stars? Because these shots of Jessica Simpson are very glamorous in a Marilyn Monroe type of way, perhaps leading you to believe she spends her days on a veranda somewhere, reading scripts and eating cantaloupe while wearing a robe she fetched during a recent sojourn to the Orient. In reality, however, we know she’s watching the “Fried Green Tomatoes” DVD in some Hollywood mansion, burping up this morning’s breakfast of Fruit Loops and gabbing with Ken Paves on her Sidekick about where they’re going to waste their money that afternoon.

Scrunchy? Boxers? Frap? Check!
By PopCultureWhore

I know Britney’s pregnant and probably feels like wearing moo-moo’s and vegging out in front of a Lifetime movie, but what the hell is this outfit? This is like something I’d wear to clean my bathroom, not out on a shopping trip where dozens of people were likely to take my picture. She probably doesn't give a shit anymore, though. She seems like she’s in a jolly mood on the video posted by X17. Perhaps she scheduled time with her PR manager in between frappacinos and helping K-Fed with his Kids Choice Awards debut. I think the world is scheduled to end that night, so it should be pretty spectacular.

On a previous shopping trip with the family (and the Manny!), she was equally as fashionable ...

Detroit (Kid) Rock City
By PopCultureWhore

There’s another Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie in Hollywood. Pam Anderson and Kid Rock made it official once again in Michigan this weekend, she wrote on her Web site. The two are now honeymooning in his hometown of Detroit. Sounds … romantic? Perhaps some kinky action at abandoned automobile plants or along 8 Mile?

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Demure, Penitent Madge Hits Rome
By PopCultureWhore

Madge ignored criticism from the Vatican on Sunday night and performed “Live to Tell” in Rome hanging from a giant mirrored cross sporting a crown of thorns. She reportedly even extended an invitation to Pope Benedict, but he was a no show. That was probably for the best, as Madonna included pictures of the Pope spliced in with images of leaders like Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, presumably during the Sorry remix. She also addressed the Middle East conflict by painting a large Star of David and the Muslim star and crescent onto the torsos of her dancers and uniting them in an arm lock. Vatican Cardinal Ersilio Tonino called for Madonna to be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church, something that clearly resonated with Her Madgeness.

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Mmm, Sugar Tits ...
By PopCultureWhore

I suddenly feel the need for a delectable pastry, though I think Mel's "Sugar Tits" should be munchkins instead of actual donuts. Or maybe two donuts melded together? Deep thoughts on this Monday morning.